OSHA announces final rule

OSHA: Electric Power Generation Standards

OSHA’s electric power generation standards address workplace safety. The rules within the standards concern the safety and health of employees working with electric power generation, transmission and distribution. However, the final rule was updated nearly 40 years after they had been established with the aim to improve the operation and maintenance of equipment. Read on to see why these standards are crucial and demand periodic revision.

Addressing New Standards

The standards ensure that employers meet the requirements for work in construction and general industry. Additionally, the final rule includes revisions on fall protection standards and electrical protective equipment. The new standard for electrical protective equipment applies to all construction work. Consequently, it replaces the incorporation of outdated consensus standards with performance-driven requirements. In addition to addressing the standards for protective electrical equipment, the final rule also includes requirements for their safe use and care.

Bringing Change to the Job Site

The final rule of the standards covers the following areas:

  • Fall protection
  • Minimum approach distances
  • Arc-flash protection
  • Host employers and contract employers must exchange safety-related information to employees

Prior to the final rule revisions, the standards were inconsistent with the general industry standard that covers the operation and maintenance of electric power generation, transmission, and distribution lines and equipment. OSHA revised the standards so they align with the general industry standards. The final rule was established with the purpose of preventing approximately 20 fatalities and 118 serious injuries annually. This monumentally changes the industry in addition to the fatalities and injuries already prevented by the existing construction and general industry standards.

Layers of Protection

OSHA concludes that mandatory standards are the best choice for reducing the risks to employees. In addition, periodic rule-making is necessary to replace older existing standards with updated, clear, and consistent safety standards. However, along with establishing rules and standards, it is important to have tools that can contribute to safety on the job site. Sigalarm Wireless proximity alarms provide a vital tool that save lives.

Sigalarm products are not a substitute for vigilance and proper safety procedures. In fact, utility companies suggest a “layers of safety” approach. Overhead power line contacts are so catastrophic that employers should use as many layers of safety as possible to manage electrical hazards so that if one layer fails, another is in place. Great care should always be taken to avoid power line contact, like having standards of safety and a Sigalarm proximity alarm.

Choose Safety

The advances and improvements that OSHA has done and continues to offer companies are essential. In order to boost safety training and awareness, Sigalarm manufactures proximity alarms that warn employees of nearby power lines. Contact us today and learn how our proximity alarms help employees take action and prevent injuries.

Keystone XL Pipeline

Keystone XL Pipeline Project

In 2017, President Trump approved the Keystone XL Pipeline. The construction was projected to take one to two years, creating more than 3,900 jobs. Fast forward to two years later and the Keystone XL pipeline project is still not in the works. However, the president backs the order. Experts say that the Keystone pipeline project and other oil and gas projects, provide greater access to natural gas to benefit families and the environment. Also, more jobs that will require workers to be protected on the job site.

What the Keystone XL Pipeline Entails

The idea of the Keystone XL pipeline was proposed more than a decade ago. This pipeline would carry crude from Canada’s oil sands to the U.S. Midwest. However, President Obama denied the permit for the project due to its environmental impact. Nevertheless, in March 2019, President Trump issued a new presidential permit that bypasses a court ruling that blocked a previous authorization by his State Department. The goal of this second executive order is to ease the process for energy projects that cross international borders.

“President Trump has been clear that he wants to create jobs and advance U.S. energy security and the Keystone XL pipeline does both of those things.”

Russ Girling, president and chief executive officer of TransCanada.

While there are many concerns about the environmental effects of the project, experts say that the pipeline is necessary. Due to the oil sanctions against Venezuela, Canadian oil producers are desperate to get new export pipelines. The lack of these pipelines caused a surplus that depressed prices and prompted Alberta to impose production cutback.

More Jobs for the American People

Although the discussion about the Keystone pipeline project continues, the prospects of new jobs are monumental. The creation of new construction jobs means that the crew will be working near power lines. This would give Sigalarm an opportunity to make construction companies aware of the danger of power line contact. Additionally, our proximity alarms can help prevent injuries and even fatalities.

Sigalarm Safe

Sigalarm has decades of experience in keeping people safe with our proximity alarms. If the permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline goes through, then that will create more work opportunities for the American people, who will require safety on the job site. Contact us today to help you make your construction site safer with our proximity alarms.

New OSHA Standards Spur Response From SC&RA

New OSHA Standards Spur Response From SC&RA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, provides a range of guidelines designed to keep workers safe on the job. As of May 2018, OSHA printed a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding construction cranes and derricks. The goal was to provide clarification on employer responsibilities regarding crane operator safety. Sigalarm is deeply concerned with this topic. Read on to learn about the latest OSHA operator certification rules, along with the SC&RA’s response to the changes being proposed.

Understanding OSHA Operator Certification Rules

OSHA has always required the men and women who operate heavy machinery to possess special certification. However, according to the new Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, construction employers must now take additional steps to evaluate their crane operators to ensure they are competent. This process could involve training, certification, or licensing, among other responsibilities.

Understanding the SC&RA Response

Recently, SC&RA issued a response to the proposed OSHA changes. An international trade group, the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA) is made up of more than 1,300 individuals in dozens of countries. These individuals work in the fields of machine moving, industrial maintenance, crane operations, and more.

While the SC&RA has always believed in an employer’s responsibility to train its operators, the organization pushed back against the idea of using a prescriptive list for evaluation. SC&RA also argued against the use of third-party evaluations. Instead, SC&RA feels that employers should assess worker ability individually to ensure each person is uniquely qualified for his or her role.

Let Sigalarm Keep Your Workers Safe on the Job

Proper machine operation is a key part of preserving worker safety. At Sigalarm, we believe using and implementing proximity alarms is another crucial way to prevent accidents and avoid injury while operating equipment. Electrocution is among the leading causes of death in the construction industry; that’s why we strive to be the world leader in power line warning systems. Our goal is to safeguard both lives and equipment by preventing unintended power line contact.

Ready to learn more about Sigalarm products? Call today or shop our selection online.

Sigalarm Featured in Design 2 Part Magazine

Sigalarm Featured in Design 2 Part Magazine

After decades in business, Sigalarm is still the leader in power line warning systems. This record has made Sigalarm the preferred manufacturer of power line warning systems in the United States and globally. Also, their long career has yielded them some meaningful partnerships with other companies. This record does not come without recognition. Design 2 Part magazine featured Sigalarm in their October issue. The article reflects on the company’s relationship with its local electronics contract manufacturers and their benefits.

Sigalarm Featured in Design 2 Part Magazine

Design 2 Part Features Sigalarm

Design 2 Part is a quarterly publication magazine that focuses on parts manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and suppliers. Also, the magazine is a division of the Job Shop Company. Design 2 Part features manufacturing industry news whose targeted audience is engineers, North American OEMs, and product manufacturing companies. This feature is a testament of how important the commitment to safety and quality are to Sigalarm.

The business of saving lives is serious and comes with a lot of responsibility. So in order to provide the best proximity warning systems, Sigalarm needs the best electric contract manufacturers. Since 2011, Sigalarm had Intellitec Products, LLC, based in Deland, FL, as an established manufacturer. But after having an increase in sales, the opportunity to add a second manufacturer arose. QMS is located only 5 miles away from Sigalarm headquarters. Additionally, QMS is well regarded in the contract manufacturer field for its high quality, good workmanship, and brand name. For the Design 2 Part article, Sigalarm’s CEO Lance Burney commented on QMS:

“QMS represents the quality that Sigalarm customers demand. We’re thrilled to be entrusting this organization with our growing manufacturing needs. It’s our hope that our two companies will continue working together for years to come.”

The article Design 2 Part Magazine wrote on Sigalarm emphasizes the company’s relationships with its manufacturers. In the article, Lance Burney expresses that having local manufacturers brings peace of mind. This is because it gives them the option to visit the manufacturer’s facility for quality control. A task that was impossible when the alarms were being manufactured in China years ago. It is also important to mention that good quality of production calls for higher investment. And manufacturing locally required the higher price that Sigalarm was willing to pay when transitioning to local manufacturers.

 Sigalarm’s Promise to You

Sigalarm takes pride in their business of saving lives. And this shows in the quality of its alarms. Further, manufacturing all of their equipment locally, provides opportunities for the company to design innovative products and improve the quality. Contact us to learn how you can keep your company safe.


Sigalarm Testimonial - City of Burlingame Fire Department

Sigalarm Testimonial – City of Burlingame Fire Department

In business for more than 40 years, Sigalarm has supported a wide range of businesses and community organizations by keeping their employees safe from power line accidents. During this time, we have been particularly thrilled by the opportunity to serve one very special group: the City of Burlingame Fire Department.

Firefighters hold a very special place in people’s hearts. These men and women bravely risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. So it’s been a special honor to fulfill the power line alarm needs of the Burlingame Fire Department over the years. Read more

Sigalarm Nova Award Nomination in 2011

Sigalarm Nova Award Nomination in 2011

Sigalarm is a well-respected company in the world of power line alarms. Used by everyone from construction companies to the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Sigalarm has a long history of protecting both workers and equipment. And the industry has noticed. In 2011, for example, Sigalarm received a Nova Award Nomination for achievements in innovative construction. Being nominated for this honor was a thrilling experience and one that Sigalarm is proud of to this day.

Sigalarm Nova Award Nomination in 2011

How a Nova Award Nomination Works

The Nova Awards are the brainchild of the Construction Innovation Forum (CIF), an international nonprofit that has been around since the 1980s. Today, the CIF includes more than 100 member companies. It’s also host to an assortment of contractors, owners, architects, engineers, labor organizations, and associations.

Created with the goal of encouraging quality and affordability in construction, the Nova Awards are the Nobel Prizes of the building world. They are the only awards to consider all aspects of the construction industry. Simply receiving a Nova Award nomination was a testament to Sigalarm’s innovation and expertise. Additionally, it showed the company’s strong commitment to serving the public.

Why Power Line Alarm Systems Matter

A majority of fatal electrocutions occur as a result of equipment coming in contact with high voltage power lines. That’s why Sigalarm designed its warning systems to help operators who become distracted. The company estimates that organizations could prevent at least 20 percent of fatal incidents if they incorporated alarms into their operations. With more than 41 years of experience on the job, Sigalarm protects employees and equipment in various industries around the world.

Contact Sigalarm for Your Power Line Safety 0Needs

We know there’s nothing more important than the safety of your employees. To that end, we offer a full range of power line warning systems, including Hirtzer insulated links and line contact alarms. Our proximity alarms systems are designed to keep you and your team safe on the job while protecting pedestrians and passers-by. To learn more about how we can help your company or organization, call today or contact our experts online.

Sigalarm's New Contract Manufacturing Company, QMS

Sigalarm’s New Contract Manufacturing Company, QMS

At Sigalarm, we are always looking for ways to grow our business. That’s one reason we highly value partnering with other manufacturers in our industry. Strategic partnerships help us provide the best products and services to all of our customers. Now, due to unprecedented growth, Sigalarm is excited to announce a new partnership with QMS Manufacturing. Sigalarm’s track record of success combined with QMS’ manufacturing capabilities is sure to create a winning formula for both companies. As a result of this partnership, customers will benefit from a more streamlined process. Read more

New Standard For Proximity Alarm Manufacturing

ASTM Sets New Standard For Proximity Alarm Manufacturing

Working through ASTM International, a global standards development organization, Sigalarm has helped create a brand-new industry standard for the manufacturing of proximity alarms. Our staff acted as the chair of task group, with members from other proximity alarm manufacturers. The two groups were able to set ASTM new standards to define how proximity alarms should be manufactured. Sigalarm is proud of the work that’s been done and the time and attention ASTM gave to this issue. Read more

Puerto Rico Blackout Results From Excavator Incident

Puerto Rico Blackout Results From Excavator Incident

On April 18, Puerto Rico residents experienced an island-wide blackout. According to local officials, the Puerto Rico blackout occurred after a contractor operating an excavator hit a transmission line near the island’s south coast. According to Justo Gonzalez, the power company’s executive sub-director, the contractor’s excavator got too close to a high-voltage line, resulting in an energy discharge. After the line went down as part of a protection measure, the other southern power plants went down as well.Puerto Rico Blackout Results From Excavator Incident

Puerto Rico Blackout

“It took out all the units in the south,” said González. According to authorities, the same contractor was involved in two more recent power failures incidents and has since been fired. During the previous outage, a tree limb dropped on a power line while the contractor, in question, was clearing land.

The Puerto Rico blackout occurred after months of unstable power in the wake of Hurricane Maria. However, the most recent power outage was the first full-island blackout to occur since September’s Category 4 storm. Not only did the event result in traffic jams, but it also affected schools, businesses, and other workplaces around the island.

video from Washington Post

Limited Backup Power During Blackout

In the hours after the incident, officials struggled to restore power to the airport and major hospitals. By Thursday morning, the utility company had returned power to more than 1.4 million customers throughout Puerto Rico. According to officials quoted in TIME, it took 24 to 36 hours to restore power island-wide. Currently, Puerto Rico legislators are considering a bill to privatize the territory’s power company, which is suffering from old infrastructure and serious debt.

While many of San Juan’s biggest hotels suffered only temporary losses of power, traffic was affected throughout the island, and many businesses had to close down. Additionally, the fire department reported that a Chili’s restaurant caught on fire. “Welcome to Puerto Rico, this is what we know as ‘life,’” said Eduardo Perez, a former Major League baseball player and ESPN commentator in a news conference.

Preventing Outages and Accidents

The Puerto Rico blackout served as a valuable reminder of the importance of power line warning systems. Not only do proximity detection alarms warn workers if they’re operating close to power lines, but they also offer notice if equipment enters a preset area. Preventing power line contacts saves lives. Sigalarms protect valuable equipment and utilities infrastructure from further damage.  As the world leader in power line warning systems, we’re passionate about reducing dangerous and unnecessary power line contact. Even in tricky situations such as the Puerto Rico incident, power line contacts are completely preventable, with the use of Sigalarm products.

Trust Sigalarm With Your Employees’ Wellbeing

Looking to protect your employees from harm and ensure public safety? Contact us today for more information about our proximity alarms, our services, and our mission to prevent on-the-job accidents. Also, make sure to stop by our shop for the latest sales and offerings for your equipment. We look forward to being your partner in safety.

Sigalarm Featured in MCS Magazine

Workplace Safety: Sigalarm Featured on MCSmag.com

Contractors know the importance of keeping workers safe. It’s second nature to them. Procuring equipment, training people, and keeping up with the latest trends is what they do. To be successful in the construction industry demands a high standard, especially when it comes to workplace safety. The following is the full article from MCS Magazine. Read the full article here: MCSmag.com

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