Sigalarm is no stranger to the importance of solar power. In fact, we rely on solar panels to charge our power line warning sensors, keeping workers and pedestrians safe during construction projects. Recognizing that solar energy plays an essential role in the lives of many, we wanted to offer up our tips for keeping these panels clean and functioning properly.

Cleaning Solar Panels

How to Clean Your Solar Panels

Because solar panels heat up in the sun, it’s important only to clean them at night or on cool days. Start by using a garden hose to wash down the panels. If they aren’t in bad shape, a quick spray might be sufficient to remove dust and dirt. However, if the solar panels have a lot of caked-on dirt and grime, you might need to perform a more thorough cleaning. Be sure to use a soft cloth to avoid damaging the panels. Warm water and soap are all you need to keep your solar panels clean and in working order.

It’s important to avoid using harsh cleansers and detergents when cleaning your solar panels. The last thing you want to do is scratch the glass. Further, certain cleansers can result in streaks and smudges that prevent light from passing through and will interfere with overall performance.

How Often Should Panels Be Cleaned?

Cleaning solar panels once or twice a year is usually sufficient to keep them running effectively. In fact, studies show that panels produce 3.5 percent to 5.1 percent more electricity when cleaned every six months or so. This effort is especially crucial in dusty regions like the American Southwest. Additionally, you might need to clean your panels more frequently if you live near a factory, airport, or another source of regular pollution.

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