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Proximity Alarms

SkyAzul Praises Sigalarm Proximity Alarms

As an innovator in high voltage power line warning systems, Sigalarm’s mission is to protect both individuals and machinery. That’s why...

Sigalarm Unique Feature Series: Max. Sensitivity

Sigalarm has been making quality high voltage proximity alarms for over 60 years. We pride ourselves on helping employers preserve expensive equipm...

Berkeley Engineering And Research Early Warning Device White Paper

A 200 percent increase in the use of mobile, boom-based construction equipment has had far-reaching effects in the construction industry. For insta...

Hazard Analysis Of Unintentional Raising Of A Pneumatic Mast Of An Electronic News Gathering Van into Power Lines

Sigalarm products work for more than just construction companies. News stations and government agencies have also been known to invest in this life...

Crane, Derrick, And Hoist Safety

It’s no secret that manufacturers and construction companies regularly move heavy loads in the course of doing business. While this work helps ke...

Top 3 Reasons To Become A Sigalarm Distributor

With our track record for safety and quality assurance, Sigalarm is the preferred manufacturer of high voltage proximity alert warning systems.  W...

What Is RF And Why Should You Use An Insulating Link?

Radio-frequency (RF) is a consistent electrical discharge that emits from radios, radar and television towers, microwave transmitters, satellites a...

Understanding E-Field Strength Saves Lives

Over the years and decades the application of scientific knowledge has enabled Sigalarm to greatly improve safety conditions in almost every indust...

Why Are Overhead Power Lines So Dangerous?

If a squirrel can run along overhead power lines without harm, why are they dangerous? This is a physics problem that can be easily explained: A wo...

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