In 2017, President Trump approved the Keystone XL Pipeline. The construction was projected to take one to two years, creating more than 3,900 jobs. Fast forward to two years later and the Keystone XL pipeline project is still not in the works. However, the president backs the order. Experts say that the Keystone pipeline project and other oil and gas projects, provide greater access to natural gas to benefit families and the environment. Also, more jobs that will require workers to be protected on the job site.

What the Keystone XL Pipeline Entails

The idea of the Keystone XL pipeline was proposed more than a decade ago. This pipeline would carry crude from Canada’s oil sands to the U.S. Midwest. However, President Obama denied the permit for the project due to its environmental impact. Nevertheless, in March 2019, President Trump issued a new presidential permit that bypasses a court ruling that blocked a previous authorization by his State Department. The goal of this second executive order is to ease the process for energy projects that cross international borders.

“President Trump has been clear that he wants to create jobs and advance U.S. energy security and the Keystone XL pipeline does both of those things.”

Russ Girling, president and chief executive officer of TransCanada.

While there are many concerns about the environmental effects of the project, experts say that the pipeline is necessary. Due to the oil sanctions against Venezuela, Canadian oil producers are desperate to get new export pipelines. The lack of these pipelines caused a surplus that depressed prices and prompted Alberta to impose production cutback.

More Jobs for the American People

Although the discussion about the Keystone pipeline project continues, the prospects of new jobs are monumental. The creation of new construction jobs means that the crew will be working near power lines. This would give Sigalarm an opportunity to make construction companies aware of the danger of power line contact. Additionally, our proximity alarms can help prevent injuries and even fatalities.

Sigalarm Safe

Sigalarm has decades of experience in keeping people safe with our proximity alarms. If the permit to build the Keystone XL pipeline goes through, then that will create more work opportunities for the American people, who will require safety on the job site. Contact us today to help you make your construction site safer with our proximity alarms.