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Overhead Power Line Accidents in 2020

Electrical injuries from power line accidents remain to be a dangerous risk across various industries. Without proper equipment or safety procedure...

A Quick Guide for Drill Rig Safety

A drill rig site, like all construction sites, is a potentially hazardous environment to be working in. How can companies working with drill rigs k...

Environmental Hazards Affect Safety Patterns in the Lifting Industry

Every year, power line electrocution leads to numerous injuries and fatalities. Not to mention, each power line carries a high voltage, making it a...

Wire Rope Maintenance Ensures Work Site Safety

As the world leader in power line warning systems, Sigalarm takes safety to the next level. Part of that safety involves properly maintaining machi...

Responding to OSHA Violations

Construction companies all over the world battle with employee misconduct that leads to violations. While the majority of Occupational Safety and H...

Safety Regulations to Combat Future Crane Accidents

Crane accidents have been prevalent in the news recently. In April 2019, a crane accident happened in downtown Seattle killing four people and inju...

Trenching and Excavation Safety, What You Need to Know

There are numerous trenching and excavation safety requirements set by OSHA. This is no surprise, as trenching and excavation are among the most da...

Reduce Your Company’s Risk Exposure

The construction industry holds one of the highest risk quotient in the business world. So, it is needless to say that they follow regulations and ...

OSHA: Electric Power Generation Standards

OSHA’s electric power generation standards address workplace safety. The rules within the standards concern the safety and health of employee...

Fire Truck Power Line Accidents

There is a nearly endless list of equipment that can benefit from Sigalarm installations. These are vehicles with masts, such as television Electro...

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