After decades in business, Sigalarm is still the leader in power line warning systems. This record has made Sigalarm the preferred manufacturer of power line warning systems in the United States and globally. Also, their long career has yielded them some meaningful partnerships with other companies. This record does not come without recognition. Design 2 Part magazine featured Sigalarm in their October issue. The article reflects on the company’s relationship with its local electronics contract manufacturers and their benefits.

Sigalarm Featured in Design 2 Part Magazine

Design 2 Part Features Sigalarm

Design 2 Part is a quarterly publication magazine that focuses on parts manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and suppliers. Also, the magazine is a division of the Job Shop Company. Design 2 Part features manufacturing industry news whose targeted audience is engineers, North American OEMs, and product manufacturing companies. This feature is a testament of how important the commitment to safety and quality are to Sigalarm.

The business of saving lives is serious and comes with a lot of responsibility. So in order to provide the best proximity warning systems, Sigalarm needs the best electric contract manufacturers. Since 2011, Sigalarm had Intellitec Products, LLC, based in Deland, FL, as an established manufacturer. But after having an increase in sales, the opportunity to add a second manufacturer arose. QMS is located only 5 miles away from Sigalarm headquarters. Additionally, QMS is well regarded in the contract manufacturer field for its high quality, good workmanship, and brand name. For the Design 2 Part article, Sigalarm’s CEO Lance Burney commented on QMS:

“QMS represents the quality that Sigalarm customers demand. We’re thrilled to be entrusting this organization with our growing manufacturing needs. It’s our hope that our two companies will continue working together for years to come.”

The article Design 2 Part Magazine wrote on Sigalarm emphasizes the company’s relationships with its manufacturers. In the article, Lance Burney expresses that having local manufacturers brings peace of mind. This is because it gives them the option to visit the manufacturer’s facility for quality control. A task that was impossible when the alarms were being manufactured in China years ago. It is also important to mention that good quality of production calls for higher investment. And manufacturing locally required the higher price that Sigalarm was willing to pay when transitioning to local manufacturers.

 Sigalarm’s Promise to You

Sigalarm takes pride in their business of saving lives. And this shows in the quality of its alarms. Further, manufacturing all of their equipment locally, provides opportunities for the company to design innovative products and improve the quality. Contact us to learn how you can keep your company safe.