It’s no secret that manufacturers and construction companies regularly move heavy loads in the course of doing business. While this work helps keep communities functioning effectively and efficiently, it often leads to significant safety issues affecting both the workers in the machines and those on the ground. Read on to learn more about Sigalarm’s commitment to Crane, Derrick, and Hoist Safety.

Crane, Derrick, And Hoist Safety

Understanding the Marketplace

Did you know that, at any given time, the U.S. has more than 250,000 cranes in operation? Of those, 125,000 are used in construction and 80,000 in maritime or general applications. And, tragically, 80 people die each year working in these industries — that’s one person per thousand crane operators.

Contact with energized power lines is the primary cause of crane accidents. In fact, this type of accident accounts for a shocking 45 percent of all crane injuries. However, accidents can also occur as a result of overturned cranes, dropped loads, boom collapse, derrick issues, and rigging failures, among other incidents. To reduce the risk of all accidents and injuries, it’s crucial that companies take steps to control crane-related hazards. This means performing periodic inspections and conducting regular training sessions. Additionally, manufacturers and construction companies should investigate equipment failure and crane stability; and they must take steps to ensure operators stay safe when working around power lines.

Products for Crane, Derrick, and Hoist Safety

At Sigalarm, we understand that the risk of power line accidents is frighteningly high. If a crane’s boom comes into contact with high voltage lines, for example, workers and bystanders can suffer devastating injuries and even death. With that in mind, we design our alarms so they can be used on both new and used equipment. Offered in almost unlimited types, sizes, and configurations, our alarms are ideal for lattice cranes, hydraulic telescoping cranes, excavators, and more.

Keep Your Employees Safe With Sigalarm

Specializing in power line warning systems, Sigalarm offers a range of products and services designed to keep workers safe. To learn more about how we can help your company, call today or contact our team.