Radio-frequency (RF) is a consistent electrical discharge that emits from radios, radar and television towers, microwave transmitters, satellites and other high-frequency wireless communicators. However, RF can be dangerous. Due to its omnipresent nature, RF is around us, virtually in all spaces at all times; and as wireless communication grows, so will the reach and frequency of RF. At construction sites, cranes and other vehicles can pick up RF which can cause dangerous high voltage electrical arcing. This arcing is hazardous and can cause fire and sparking, and can burn out vehicle parts.

What Is RF And Why Should You Use An Insulating Link

Protecting Your Team: Radio-Frequency and Insulating Link

Radio-frequency and insulating link technology allows contractors to ensure their workers’ safety by protecting them from radio-frequency electrical discharge. Accordingly, Sigalarm is proud to partner with Hirtzer, maker of the insulating link. As a Hirtzer dealer, Sigalarm is able to outfit its clients with the best life-saving technology to combat radio-frequency – the insulating link.

Keeping Everyone Safe

In addition to protecting workers and machinery, an insulating link also protects delicate electronics from RF discharge. The link is placed between the hook and the lifting device on a crane, disrupting the electrical charge. This disruption prevents the charge from traveling through the hook. Further, this ensures that the load handler does not get electrical burns or even worse, an electrical shock that could cause death.

In this video you see the RF discharge on the unprotected side of the Hirtzer Link.

In this video you see the RF discharge on the protected side of the Hirtzer Link.

Equal Commitment to Safety

All Hirtzer insulated links meet the new ASTM standard. Hirtzers safety track record directly aligns with Sigalarm’s commitment as well. By working together, Hirtzer insulated links and Sigalarm proximity alarms can ensure the safety of crane operators, cranes, and spotters in the field. Insulating links protect people and machinery from radio-frequency electrical discharges.

Safety in the Field

Sigalarm is proud of the safety culture it has developed for its clients. Through rigorous quality assurance testing, we ensure that work sites stay safe and that equipment is operating at its peak efficiency. As a family business, our reputation for safety and quality products is our most important asset. For more information about Sigalarm, our RF and high voltage detecting devices, insulating links (buy now), and workplace safety, please contact us today.

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