As an innovator in high voltage power line warning systems, Sigalarm’s mission is to protect both individuals and machinery. That’s why Sigalarm offers a complete line of products designed to limit unwanted power line contact. We’re proud of our perpetually growing network of customers and suppliers. To that end, we love to share praise from companies like SkyAzul, who have benefited from offering and distributing our products.SkyAzul Praises Sigalarm Proximity Alarms

SkyAzul – One of Many Companies to Promote Sigalarm Products

SkyAzul Incorporated is a leader in monitoring system sales and service, offering expert technical support and field service throughout North America and Latin America. The president of SkyAzul Incorporated, Brian Considine, has been involved in crane operations and electronic systems for more than 25 years. A proud distributor of Sigalarm brand products, Considine noted in a letter that the Sigalarm systems drastically improve job site safety when installed and utilized correctly by qualified professionals. In fact, after completing a five-year field evaluation, one of SkyAzul’s larger crane users reaffirmed its intention to implement proximity warning systems on all upcoming crane purchases.

How Proximity Alarms Work

Sigalarm protects bystanders and professionals like firefighters and construction workers from accidents involving power lines. The fact is that high voltage lines are often close to job sites. As a result, accidental contact can lead to costly delays, damaged machinery, and even serious injuries or death. By installing Sigalarms, our goal is to protect and save lives. To ensure every product we sell is of the highest possible quality, Sigalarm tests each item multiple times. We also test subassemblies separately and arrange for a Sigalarm employee to review every operation.

Sigalarm is in the Business of Saving Lives

At Sigalarm, we’re proud to supply a wide array of power line warning products. These include three warning devices and Hirtzer insulated links. To learn more about how we can help keep your employees safe on the job, call today or contact our team online.