Wire Rope Maintenance

As the world leader in power line warning systems, Sigalarm takes safety to the next level. Part of that safety involves properly maintaining machines on the work site. When developing power lines, wire rope serves as an important tool within the process. It is used to lift and equip cranes which then assists workers in lifting other necessary materials. A wire rope consists of hundreds of components that must move and interact in unison in order to bend and support massive weights. Workers must keep this mind when planning their next project. To ensure a successful and timely project, it is beneficial to take safety precautions from the very first step.

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Cleaning Solar Panels

Sigalarm is no stranger to the importance of solar power. In fact, we rely on solar panels to charge our power line warning sensors, keeping workers and pedestrians safe during construction projects. Recognizing that solar energy plays an essential role in the lives of many, we wanted to offer up our tips for keeping these panels clean and functioning properly.

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