Sigalarm CONEXPO 2020

A 200 percent increase in the use of mobile, boom-based construction equipment has had far-reaching effects in the construction industry. For instance, workers get more work done in a shorter amount of time. However, increased productivity, in this case, also brings increased danger. With boom-based machines, this danger comes in the potential contact with overhead power lines. These high voltage lines can cause electrocution and lead to death. In fact, between the years 1980 and 1992, 7% of all work-related deaths were attributed to electrocution. Read more

Hazard Analysis Of Unintentional Raising Of A Pneumatic Mast Of An Electronic News Gathering Van into Power Lines

Sigalarm products work for more than just construction companies. News stations and government agencies have also been known to invest in this life-saving tool. By installing Sigalarms in their electronic news gathering (ENG) vans, news organizations can avoid unintentional contact with overhead power lines. The Hazard Information Foundation, Inc. (HIFI) conducted a hazard analysis to examine Sigalarm’s effectiveness. The results were outstanding. Read more

Why Are Overhead Power Lines So Dangerous?

If a squirrel can run along overhead power lines without harm, why are they dangerous?

This is a physics problem that can be easily explained:

A worker is at risk of electrocution if his equipment makes contact with a power cable while he is touching the ground. Electrical current would then be able to pass through his body and electrocute him. The electricity will only leave a power source if it has direct access to the ground. If a worker grabbed a power line with both feet off the ground, he would not be harmed. This is apparent when you see birds or squirrels sitting safely on power lines, even though they are not insulated. SLATE Explainer Read more

Avoiding Electrocution With Safety Measures

There are many ways to keep your people safe. Avoiding electrocution isn’t rocket science, but proven science can help. As we share a few points to keep in mind to protect your employees in the workplace, safety is the first thing on the list! Our goal at Sigalarm is to help avoid an electrocution or accident in the work environment. Read more