With the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, President Donald J. Trump has also approved a measure that will create jobs in the construction industry. Construction of the pipeline will take anywhere from one to two years, and generate more than 3,900 jobs, according to Labor Department estimates. This means a lot more workers will be in the field, working with dangerous equipment and working around high voltage power lines. To keep your workers safe, consider purchasing one or several of the Sigalarm High Voltage Power Warning devices.

Trump Approves Keystone XL PipelineKeep Your Workers Safe

The proposed pipeline will span 875 miles from the Canadian border to Steele City, Nebraska. A project of this size also increases the risk of accidents. Construction companies engaged in such massive projects should have the Sigalarm High Voltage Power Warning device on the job site. Sigalarm warning devices come in a variety of styles to fit multiple terrains or work site environments. The devices have visual and audio warnings, including a verbal warning to ensure the alert is heard and received.  By detecting high voltage power lines and emitting a warning if workers or equipment get too close, these systems can greatly reduce the risk of on the job injuries.

A Sigalarm for Any Job

The Sigalarm comes in the following models, providing ultimate flexibility when choosing the best alarm for your job:

  • Models 110, 210, 410 and 510: These models come with a range of options from telescoping to boom and excavator adapters so you can use them in multiple situations. All of these models have audio and visual warnings, on demand status monitors, and single relay input.
  • Sigalarm Gen3 Wireless Range Control Warning Device: This alarm is finely tuned to detect the e-field that surrounds all high voltage power lines. The strength of the signal increases as the proximity to the e-field increases. This warning is key to keeping workers safe.

The Leader in High Voltage Power Alarms

Sigalarm traces its roots back more than 40 years. Our alarms are used by hundreds of customers in the construction, television, pipeline, utility and military industries. For the best way to keep your workers safe, contact Sigalarm today. We look forward to helping you make your pipeline site, or any job site safer.