To eliminate fatalities on construction sites is one of Sigalarm’s prime directives. There are many dangers in construction that prompt companies to take measures to keep their workers safe. High voltage lines are everywhere. Making contact usually results in injury or death. In an earlier post, we covered “Why Powerline Contacts Keep Occurring,” but in this post we want to address the concrete pumping industry. In the concrete pumping industry large trucks and booms that increase the risks of an incident are needed. With Sigalarm proximity alarms, these risks are greatly eliminated.

A boom coming in contact with power lines is the number one cause of fatal accidents when using a concrete pump.

Eliminate Fatalities in Concrete Pumping

There Needs To Be Thorough Training To Eliminate Fatalities

All construction site workers and supervisors need to fully understand the danger of power lines. Spotters when used are required to watch how close booms and cranes would get to power lines. Sadly, they misjudged distances too many times, and it cost lives. With Sigalarm proximity devices the guess work is removed; it is replaced with reliable science. But despite this major improvement every person on or near the job site needs to be trained on safety procedures. When in comes to the heavy work involved in concrete pumping, there are multiple dangers that require training.

The Equipment Needs To Be Equipped With Proximity Alarms

The proximity alarms we build are the best on the market. We at Sigalarm take great pride that our work has saved countless lives. As companies grow and expand, we cherish the opportunity to demonstrate the proven results of all our devices to eliminate fatalities. We can equip any type of vehicle or equipment to be safe for the people who operate them or work nearby. Our highly trained technicians are on hand to answer technical or safety questions.

Getting into an accident with a concrete truck is not a good idea. The size and weight would easily crush your car. Added to the weight and size issues is the areas where these trucks need to go to pour cement. New homes, buildings, roadways, schools, and embankments require cement. All of these sites have electrical lines overhead. It’s dangerous enough taking steps not to be crushed, but getting electrocuted is just as deadly. Proximity alarms are an absolute safety requirement. Sigalarm makes the best in the field.

We want to reach out to businesses to help protect your people. We are as excited about this goal as you are and can explain the technical details and the safety advantages of equipping your fleet with the best proximity alarms on the planet. Call us today – we would love to help you make the best decisions to protect lives.