Power line contacts are a danger that Sigalarm wants to eliminate. Hard working Americans deserve the safest environment as they do their jobs. Whether they are construction workers, firefighters, utility repairmen, mobile journalists, or cable installers, they need to be kept safe.

Electrical injury incidents begin when a worker becomes part of an electrical circuit. “Humans are more conductive than the earth.”

Why Powerline Contacts Keep Occurring

Ignoring Power Line Contact is Disastrous

It’s easy to become complacent. Any worker can have a lapse of judgement that can result in bodily harm or death. When it comes to power line contacts, there is no room for error. Every step must be taken to guarantee the safety of the workers. This belief is a passionate one with Sigalarm. In fact, it is the reason we are in business. We are about the business of saving lives!

The federal government estimates that overhead lines cause 128 work-related  electrocutions every year. (Work-related injuries are more common than non-occupational ones.) A worker will get shocked if he—or his crane, ladder, or other piece of equipment—bumps up against a cable while touching the ground. This allows current to flow out of the power line, through the victim, and into the earth.

Power Line Contacts Can Be Safely Avoided

Over the years, Sigalarm has proven that installing proximity alarms is the best protection from the danger of power line contacts. Old-school thinking accepts the visual surveillance of spotters on the job site as sufficient whereas research has demonstrated this approach has several limitations and is dangerous in and by itself.

The Center for Hazard Information has determined that,

It is unsafe and undependable to rely solely upon visual estimates to determine safe clearance from power lines.

Other obvious reasons power line contacts occur are:

  • The need to observe multiple targets at the same site
  • Camouflaging effects of trees and buildings
  • Effects of bright skies
  • Looking into the sun

There are many other factors as well that illustrate the need for proximity alarms. Sigalarm will work with any company or contractor to provide the necessary equipment that can be installed to save lives. We are proud to not only be a successful business, but a community service that preserves life and health. For more information call us for a free consultation at (407) 321-0723.