If you’ve ever passed a construction site, you’ve more than likely seen a Derrick Crane. A tower that protrudes from the crane’s base and pivots in any direction is the most identifiable feature of a derrick crane. Derrick cranes are considered “fixed”. These cranes are assembled and disassembled at the construction site. These cranes are used on shipping platforms, with ships and barges, as well as in construction sites.

The Derrick Crane

Free Range of Motion

A key benefit of derrick cranes is their range of motion. Because of the ability to pivot, a derrick crane can both luff and slew. Luffing refers to moving a load vertically. This is especially helpful when moving materials from one platform to another, or from one side of a building to another. Luffing cranes are equipped to keep the hook level. This is especially important when working on a vertical plane.

Design Variety

Derrick cranes have four support anchors, making it a steadier piece of equipment than most other cranes. Defined by the number of anchored supports, derrick cranes can be configured in a variety of ways. This brings a degree of flexibility not often seen with large pieces of construction equipment. The tower and mast configurations determine the type of crane. Also, how the boom is used can determine different types. Types include A-Leg, Basket, Guy, and Stiffleg.

Safety First with Sigalarm

If your team is using a derrick crane or other type of large construction equipment. Consider outfitting the device with a Sigalarm high proximity alert warning system. Warning systems are especially important when working with machines, like cranes, that keep your workers farther from the immediate action. It is more difficult for a crane operator to spot a possible issue with a high voltage power line from the cab of a crane. Available for both new and used equipment, Sigalarm devices provide two different functions: proximity alert and an automatic early warning system. Sigalarm has over 40 years of experience keeping crews and equipment safe. Contact us today to find out how we can positively impact the safety of your job sites. Also, if you’d like a demo… please reach out and we might see you at a show.