Contractors know the importance of keeping workers safe. It’s second nature to them. Procuring equipment, training people, and keeping up with the latest trends is what they do. To be successful in the construction industry demands a high standard, especially when it comes to workplace safety. The following is the full article from MCS Magazine. Read the full article here:

Sigalarm’s Passion for Workplace Safety featured in

Sigalarm shares this passion. It is the driving force behind everything they do. Although their history is something to boast about, they prefer to stay focused on today and the future. Sometimes industries change and safety standards change along with them. The biggest influence by far is technology. Science, thankfully, has taken safety to a higher level.
Workplace Safety Sigalarm Featured in MCS Magazine - Full Spread
Over the decades there have been tragic accidents that have motivated companies to call Sigalarm for help. They may have lost a life of a worker, and they never want to go through that again. Sigalarm is swift to get clients up to speed with the best equipment available and to train them to put in place proven, safety protocols. And now to make it even better, they have upgraded their website with an online store:

  • A great place to acquire the best safety systems
  • Allows you to NETWORK with associates
  • Educates you on best practices and products

Insulated Links

For more than thirty years, Hirtzer has not had a reported failure on the field. Sigalarm is proud to align with such a company and wants to make sure there are NEVER any failures in their equipment. They have the same DNA as Sigalarm,

“We are committed to protecting the crane riggers and owners by providing tested and proven safety equipment and will continue to our best ability to do so. H.J. Hirtzer

Why should you use an insulating link?

Sigalarm is proud to be a Hirtzer Insulated Link dealer. Insulating links protect crane operators, the cranes themselves, and even spotters from electrical discharge. These type of accidents can cost money, time, and most importantly, lives. Electrical discharge can originate from radar, radio, television towers, satellites, cell towers and any other high frequency communication. These high frequency waves travel through the atmosphere and will increase as communications systems and technology grow. All companies that extend anything into the sky, whether it be for Construction, TV, Fire and Rescue, or anything else, should purchase an insulating link and, of course, a Sigalarm. Check out the Sigalarm’s website for more information on Hirtzer’s insulating links as well as information about these life saving products.

Proximity Alarms

Proximity alarms and the science of e-field detection have evolved to the point that cranes, fire trucks, ambulances, military vehicles, concrete pumping trucks, and virtually any heavy equipment are made safer for operators and co-workers on the ground. That has not always been the case, and history is a witness.

Since the 1960’s there have been many improvements as technology has advanced, Sigalarm has led the way. In fact, proximity alarms and insulated links played a key role in the “New OSHA Standard for Cranes and Derricks.”

All of the Sigalarm proximity alarm systems and insulated links are available on their new online store. Everything is laid out clearly including pricing and options.

Wireless Technology

The word “wireless” most often reminds us of our internet connection, using our phone to play music, or the convenience of home devices. But the same amazing technology has also made a huge impact in workplace safety. It used to be strange to see a mechanic in a shop working on your car, with greasy hands, go to a computer console and type in diagnostics. Not any more. Sophisticated equipment is used on all late model vehicles.

Sigalarm has applied the latest wireless technology to proximity alarms. This means so much more can be protected with less installation and with less chance of mishap. It is obvious from the Sigalarm online store that wireless has become the standard. Wireless technology can only aid in your workplace safety plans.

Workplace Safety Partners

Along with partners like Hirtzer, Sigalarm finds great satisfaction in keeping workers safe. The owner of Sigalarm, Lance Burney, says they often see two types of scenarios:

“The first scenario is a company that is a proactive safety conscious leader in their field and adds proximity alarms as another tool to prevent unintentional power line contact.”

“The second scenario is a company that calls after an accident and needs to immediately fix the problem.”

Obviously, the first scenario is the preferred one for workplace fafety, but either way, it’s good to know there is a definitive path to greater security for your company.

As the leader in their field, Sigalarm is always motivated to serve their clients. They are always on hand to answer questions and offer advice. Their website has many helpful articles, and of course the online shop to provide better access to their safety devices.

Workplace Safety Products

The following are Sigalarm and Hirtzer products that were discussed in this article.

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