Waterproof Power Line Warning Device

Sigalarm Continues to Innovate With New Waterproof Power Line Warning Device Control Modules.

As the industry leader in high voltage proximity alarm technology, Sigalarm is constantly improving its products to ensure maximum performance and results for customers. With various models of the High Voltage Waterproof Power Line Warning Device, it is no secret that innovation is at the core of what the company strives for. However, with new technology comes new challenges, and Sigalarm has maintained its ability to look beyond the present; they continue to design products that supply the evolving market for high-quality proximity warning systems. The firm’s newest product, the Wireless Power Line Warning Device, has garnered attention and recognition from industry professionals around the country.

Sigalarm has announced the new Gen (4) IP rated wireless proximity alarm will be available 2nd quarter of 2017. The Gen (4) boasts a new waterproof control module. With an IP67 rating, comparable to the LifeProof iPhone case, the Wireless Power Line Warning Device will meet the same high performance standards of all other Sigalarm products. The device also offers a new waterproof enclosure that is sure to exceed the expectations of customers. This waterproof control module expands installation options for customers and elevates the capabilities of the Wireless Power Line Warning Device. Customers can also expect to see the signature black and orange design, which instills confidence in those who have long trusted and relied on the company’s products.

Additional features of the new Waterproof Power Line Warning Device include:

  • 12/24 volt operation
  • Range control warning
  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Wireless E-field detection
  • Encroachment prevention
  • 5.7 capacitive touch screen
  • Relay outputs for warning and alarm
  • Wireless solar powered sensors
  • Optional portability kit

Proven Quality & Performance

Thousands of customers have experienced Sigalarm’s top-rated products for more than 40 years. From High Voltage Power Line Warning Devices and Hirtzer Insulated Links, to the new Wireless Power Line Warning Device, the brand has continued to outperform competitors as an industry leader. Although Sigalarm offers a complete range of power line warning products, their addition of the new Wireless Power Line Warning Device comes at a time when the industry has been lacking a viable solution for a common challenge. With customer safety a top priority, the introduction of the wireless device and its new waterproof control module is a definite game-changer.

The new waterproof control module is a prime example of the company’s commitment to not only innovation, but also to the safety of their customers. Staying true to its motto, “We’re in the business of saving lives,” Sigalarm prides itself on producing the highest quality products to meet increasing power line safety needs. Its ability to maintain standing as an industry leader is evident in the resources dedicated to research and development. The features of the new Wireless Power Line Warning Device demonstrate the extent to which the company is willing to go for its customers.

Taking Orders at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

The new Wireless Power Line Warning Device, with its new waterproof control module, will be available after the second quarter of 2017. Among other industry leaders and experts, Sigalarm will be displaying will be offering demos of the new product so that customers can experience it first-hand. Register for a demo at Conexpo-CON/AGG 2017, and visit the Sigalarm booth S­63450. A translator can be available for Spanish and Mandarin.