President Donald J. Trump recently approved the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline. This pipeline will stretch from the Bakken and Three Forks shale formations in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. It will span 1,172 miles from start to finish. While it’s still uncertain how many jobs will be created to complete the pipeline, there is no doubt that the Dakota Access Pipeline will bring construction jobs to the region.

Trump Approves Permit for Dakota Access PipelineKeep Your Workers Safe

With an inevitable rise in construction industry jobs, it will be more important than ever to employ increased safety measures on job sites. Sigalarm manufactures High Voltage Power Line Warning devices that are the perfect complement to the on-site safety features companies already have in place. Our Warning devices come in a variety of models to adapt to different job site equipment, and also have both audio and visual alarms to serve as a warning. This is especially important with pipeline construction since the risk of contact with high voltage power lines increases due to the nature of the work.

The Next Generation Alarm

Sigalarm is also proud to offer the Gen3 Wireless Range Control Warning Device. Equipped with GPS positioning, real-time monitoring and recording, and up to 12 wireless sensors, this device is truly the next step in warning technology. And the Gen3 also comes with the same audio and visual warnings you’ve come to expect from Sigalarm products.

Alarms for Every Job

If you’re not sure your construction site is ready for the Gen3 Device, Sigalarm offers four standard high voltage power line warning devices that provide the same great detection abilities. Increase the on-site safety of your crew by outfitting your equipment with Sigalarm devices.

Leader in Warning Alarms

President Trump’s approval of the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline means an increase in construction jobs. However, construction sites can be dangerous places. That’s why it’s best for you to partner with Sigalarm, the leader in high voltage power line warning devices. For over 40 years, our company has serviced thousands of customers around the world in a variety of industries. Contact Sigalarm today for more information and to discover how our devices can best suit your safety needs.