When it comes to saving lives, you have to have a high level of quality assurance. Since it’s inception, Sigalarm has been know for reliable products. These products marry innovation and safety to make it easier for workers on job sites to stay safe. Our sensors detect electric fields emitted by high voltage power lines and help to keeper workers and their equipment at a distance.

In the video below, Ashley Pertler, Sigalarm’s Operations Manager, walks through our in-house quality assurance process. While we do conduct QA tests on all products before they even leave the factory, there is an extra, final check that is done at Sigalarm headquarters. Using a high voltage simulator, Sigalarm can test its voltage readers and ensure that it’s functioning correctly.

Transcript of Video

I’m Ashley Pertler. I’m the operations manager here at Sigalarm.

All our products are manufactured at an ISO-9000 factory, however we started as a family business where we touch every product that goes out the door and we are going to continue to do that. So after all the testing that’s done at the factory, we still bring all the product here and one of the Sigalarm team members will go through a final check to make sure everything’s perfect since it’s so important when lives are on the line.

You may notice some ticking in the background? That’s our high voltage transformer chamber. There’s 5000 volts flowing through this thing and we use this chamber to test all of our product.

We’ll take our sensors and we’ll position them in the housing and you can see the reading here on the screen. I have a variac where I turn up the voltage and you can watch as I turn the voltage up on the transformer you can see the reading going up. Now in the field this would simulate a crane moving closer to an e-field coming off of a power line. This is how we know you’re getting your warning. And when we move the crane away, you can see the voltage coming down. This is just one of our final checks that we do here in the shop.

Safety and innovation are hand-in-hand in this company. We know there’s a need for safety, but if it’s too difficult or hard to implement, then people forego it. When we have innovative products like this where it’s as easy as the touch of a button and you can save a life, then it means you are making some real market changes. People can easily add this product, they know it’s going to be reliable, they can have that layer of safety. And at the end of the day we all go to work, but we really have to be able to go home to our families.

Because Sigalarm started as a family business, quality assurance is very important to us. And, as Ashley stated, you can never be too careful when lives are on the line. By checking each warning meter in-house, Sigalarm can be assured that each has been built to Sigalarm’s high standards.

Sigalarm has been in business for over 40 years. We work with distributors and vendors to increase our products’ reach across multiple industries.

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For more information regarding high voltage warning devices manufactured by Sigalarm, we invite you to reach out to us today. Please also view the video testimonial by one of our vendors, Bruce Sousa, to hear first hand how Sigalarm’s quality impacts his business.