Sigalarm is in the business of saving lives. That’s not hyperbole, that’s fact. Currently, owned and operated by Lance and Kim Burney, Sigalarm has been part of remarkable growth in the proximity alarm industry since 1999. Over the past 17 years, Lance and Kim have seen an increase in the acceptance of proximity alarms and other life-saving devices.

In the video below, Lance and Kim discuss the life-saving mission of Sigalarm and how the company achieves that mission every day.

Video Transcript (Lance)

My name is Lance Burney. I’m one of the owners of Sigalarm.

Sigalarm is on a mission right now to educate the consumers and all industries that could possibly hit a power line on the benefits of what a proximity alarm can do for them. My wife and I bought Sigalarm in 1999. Since purchasing Sigalarm in 1999, I’ve seen a tremendous increase in the awareness. It’s not quite where we want it but we’re trying to get that out here.

The why we do this is very simple: the motto of Sigalarm is “we’re in the business of saving lines.”All around the world, people use our product. Where operators are concentrating on a job, a task at hand, it’s really difficult and it’s been shown that operators cannot focus on that job and see an overhead power line. So, that’s where Sigalarms are going to help the most and help save lives. We’re focusing on one thing and one thing only, the detection of a power line.

All of Sigalarm products are made in the U.S.A. Our factory is 20 minutes down the road and its ISO 9001 certified. We can check quality control issues, we can get the products out quicker, we have fast lead times, and again, we’re proud that everything’s made here in the United States.

Video Transcript (Kim)

My name is Kim Burney. I am co-owner and vice president of Sigalarm.

We often get calls last minute from companies that have hit power lines and are in a panic to get our product right away. We got call once back in 2011 when we first got started. And they said, “Hey, we need you because we’re hitting at least 5 power lines per year. And we need your product.”

Unfortunately for them every time they hit a power line, it would be a fine from OSHA – $100,000 in that range – and it was a dangerous situation with a lot of employees. So we outfitted every one of their units and that’s been since 2011 and they haven’t had one power line accident since.

[Lance] Being the owner of Sigalarm, having 17 years invested in the company, I’m excited right now because we’re making real progress in the industries. Not only the crane and construction industry, we’ve already established a dominance in the TV industry. Firefighting industry is coming on board right now. So we’re seeing a massive increase in acceptance of these types of products so I’m excited that hopefully, one day we’ll be able to save more lives.

Saving Lives in the U.S.

Saving lives through enhanced awareness is Sigalarm’s key objective. Additionally, Sigalarm is owned and operated in the United States. Finally, all Sigalarm products are made in the U.S., and Sigalarm takes quality assurance very seriously. For more information about Sigalarm’s quality control procedures, please view Ashley Pertler’s video here.

And don’t just take the Burneys’ word for it; one of our customers from Hilomast was gracious enough to sit down and explain what makes Sigalarm and our products so great. See his testimonial here.

For more information about Sigalarm’s life-saving proximity alarms, please contact us today. Let us help you keep your workers and equipment safe from the dangers of high energy power lines.