Safety is top of mind for most business owners. It is especially important for occupations with inherent risk, like construction or electrical work. Sigalarm has created a power line warning system to decrease on-the-job risk. This high voltage Sigalarm attaches to new or used equipment and detects high voltage power lines in a variety of work situations.

How Sigalarm Will Save Lives And Money

High Voltage Proximity Alarm

Sigalarm’s power line warning systems are designed for use by the construction industry, utility companies, fire departments, railroads, and television broadcast vehicles. It is also compatible with farm equipment, drilling rigs, and much more.

How to Stay Safe

Human Spotters will always be an essential part of good safety practices while working near power lines. Let’s face it, though: People aren’t perfect. They can easily be distracted, which may lead to an accident. Sigalarm does not get distracted. The Sigalarm warning device was created to supplement the worker, as an operator aid for an extra measure of safety. The high voltage emits a visual and audio alert to prevent workers from getting too close to high voltage power lines. It also alerts operators of nearby lightning storms that pose a particular danger to certain projects. The alarm sounds inside the cabin as well as outside, alerting both the operator and entire ground crew to potential danger.

Business owners can use Sigalarm to meet OSHA regulations. Per the OSHA site, employers must “provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards.” Power lines pose a serious risk to employees if not properly detected.

Adaptable Safety

The Sigalarm high voltage proximity alarm is available as a wireless system as well. The new wireless system eliminates the need for bulky cable reels and hard wired antennas. The compact wireless sensors can be mounted on virtually any flat surface with up to 16 sensors on a single piece of equipment. Just like the Legacy system, the wireless device emits an audible and visual warning to alert equipment operators and ground personnel who may be near a power line. Additionally, the sensors are built to withstand the elements. The system performs self-checks to ensure continuous communication.

Unique to Sigalarm products, each system has at least two alarm modes. Maximum sensitivity occurs every time the equipment is powered up to let the operator know there are high voltage power lines in the vicinity. Secondly, every system has a settable alert that can be customized for each jobsite.

Another key feature of Sigalarm’s wireless and Legacy products is the optional ability to stop the equipment from moving when an alarm occurs, also known as Auto-shut down.

Saving Money by Saving Lives

Safety managers know the costs of an accident can be egregious. Not only could the company incur fines if they contact a power line, they will also likely incur lawsuits, especially if there is loss of life. These costs can easily put smaller companies out of business, even with the best insurance policies. Avoiding human errors not only saves lives, but ultimately saves incredible amounts of money by helping to prevent accidents and subsequent fines and lawsuits. This is Sigalarm’s mission: we’re in the business of saving lives.

Leader in Power Line Warning Systems

Sigalarm has led the industry in power line warning systems for decades. Our team understands the importance of these devices, and we pride ourselves in helping businesses reduce unnecessary accidents by keeping workers safe. We look forward to speaking with you about your business’ proximity alarm needs, and collaborating to ensure on-the-job safety.