There is now a Sigalarm Online ShopWe are proud to announce we have just completed our online shop. All the kits, parts, and Sigalarm gear you need is now online! Of course, we are still happy to take your call-in orders, but this process is much faster and allows you to track purchases in the cloud.

Announcing the Launch of the Sigalarm Online Shop

Top Sigalarm Online Shop Benefits:

  • Secure login and transactions
  • Purchase Order entry for easy tracking of anything you buy
  • Your custom “My Account” dashboard is the place to visit for all of your past orders and much more
  • Communicate via receipts by simply replying. This will be logged in our system, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Here are the top features of the Sigalarm Shop

We welcome you to browse and ask any questions you might have!

Great Place to Acquire the Best Safety Systems

  • Browse our complete systems
  • Replace and purchase spare parts
  • Shop for additional products

Allows You to Network with Associates

  •  Find a distributor for installation and training
  • Contact a distributor with our easy to use map of distributors across the country and globe

Educates You on Best Practices and Products

  • My Account Page allows you to view coupons and much more
  • Quickly find the right item for your needs
  • Download support material and brochures from our marketing portal

We have always made use of leading technology in our proximity alarms and systems. We do it because it saves lives and prevents injuries on the job. Now we are making wise use of technology on the internet as well. It’s astonishing what can be done today with the best communications tools and online merchandizing. It may not be magic, but it feels like it!

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
Arthur C. Clarke

The bottom line for Sigalarm is making YOU, our costumers, distributors, and your employees SAFER. Please click on the link above and look over our new online e-commerce store. It’s amazing. We are proud of the capabilities of our Sigalarm online shop and welcome your input.