Sigalarm’s mission is to make it safer for professionals like engineers, construction workers, and firefighters to do their jobs safely. High voltage power lines are often close to job or disaster sites and being aware of them can save lives. In the video below, Sigalarm’s Operations Manager Ashley Pertler discusses how Sigalarm’s work and how their products help other companies develop a safety culture.

Transcript of Video

I’m Ashley Pertler and I’m the Operations Manager for Sigalarm.

Sigalarm has really influenced the safety culture for a lot of companies. For example, the Television truck, the ENG truck industry, there’s hardly a van out there that doesn’t have a power line detecting alarm on there and Sigalarm is the leader in that market.

Because the injuries and accidents can be so catastrophic, it’s an easy step, easy choice to make to protect the people and equipment that you have in your company.

You know, sometimes we get the call after the fact, after an accident happens, and we never like getting those calls. But what happens is the company changes their entire culture, they change their protocols and they put these alarms on and they go blazing a trail for safety. And then the good that comes of it is every other industry follows. It only takes one fire truck manufacturer to start putting these alarms on and then they can’t be the only ones so everybody follows. Now we have several fire truck manufacturers and you have a widespread culture of safety.

Sigalarm products are manufactured and tested several times to ensure quality. Their subassemblies are tested separately and then once all the product is assembled, they are tested again and again by qualified personnel. As a final check, we bring it here to our facility and a Sigalarm employee goes through every operation to ensure that your life-saving tool is functioning properly.

We have Sigalarm products all over the world; Dubai, China, Latin America. The menus are so intuitive on this product, that it doesn’t matter what language you speak, Sigalarms can be used to save lives.

Embracing Safety Culture

We applaud the organizations that recognize and embrace a safety culture. From training in best practices to installing detection alarms, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep a job site safe. Workers need to understand how to recognize high voltage power lines, read the warning equipment, and understand what to do when a proximity alarm goes off.

Lead the Charge

While it is wonderful that companies realize how important safety culture is, it is unfortunate that often times it happens after an accident. Therefore, our warning devices can be used on telescoping equipment, including ladders and satellite antennas; and they alert those around to danger in a variety of ways, including audio and visual signals. Contact Sigalarm to find out how your company can lead the charge in preventing high voltage power line accidents through detection.