Policy changes implemented by elected officials have far-reaching effects outside of Washington, D.C. Mentioned frequently throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, one of the major industries currently being affected is the construction industry. The new presidency affects construction industry in some ways we haven’t seen.

How The New Presidency Will Affect The Construction Industry

Promises from President Donald Trump

To help strengthen the U.S. infrastructure, President Trump campaigned on a promise. The promise was to infuse the construction industry with $1 trillion in new business. This includes improvement projects to toll roads, airports, and more. One of the main benefits to the President’s plan is how he clearly laid out details showing how the projects will be funded. This is unlike the smaller Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, passed by Congress in December, which did not make such provisions.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has also been encouraged by Trump’s promise to limit regulations on housing. The NAHB considers this to be a good indicator that there will be an increase in housing development and construction projects. The National Association of Home Builders is also looking to invest in American steel and increase reliance on American products and services.  In doing so, this will create more jobs throughout the country.

A Positive Outlook – New Presidency Affects Construction Industry – Donald Trump

One of the key differences between President Trump’s proposed plan, and his opponents, is how the coffers will get filled to fund these construction jobs and rebuilding efforts. However, the new presidency affects construction industry in some positive ways. President Donald Trump proposes working closely with private investors, large corporations, and other independent funding groups to generate the $1 trillion price tag. Also, he opposes increasing taxes for what he considers necessary and fundamentally important improvements to the nation’s infrastructure.

In the construction industry, businesses have been encouraged. In addition, President Trump’s dedication to addressing the concerns and failings of our current infrastructure. Now, the focus of the construction industry is on creating American jobs to build roads, airports, and utilities. With the implementation of these policies, construction can expect to experience major growth in the next four years. This is a very positive sign for the American economy, which specifically includes construction projects, manufacturers, and public works projects.

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