Crane accidents are all too common in the construction industry, and many times they result in serious property damage, injuries, and even death. A leader in high voltage proximity alarms, Sigalarm is passionate about working hand in hand with construction workers and industry leaders to stop these devastating accidents. Read on to discover what the experts have to say about stopping crane accidents and preventing loss of life, along with our tips.

What The Crane Accident Research Says

Stopping crane-related injuries means staying abreast of the latest research. A leader in construction accident research, Dr. Jim Wiethorn is the principal engineer at Crane Group and chairman of Haag Engineering, a failure and damage consulting firm. He has spent years deconstructing incidents involving cranes in order to determine what happened and why.

According to past research, more injuries occur when people are not using the lift than when they are. Moreover, a serious lack of communication exists between crews and service providers. Dr. Wiethorn believes that bridging this gap is essential for preventing accidents. He also stresses the importance of OSHA requiring mandatory crane operator certification. Doing this is essential to keeping workers safe on the job.

Crane accidents can be prevented if multiple layers of protection are used. However, the factors that contribute to accidents need to be analyzed so employers know how to reduce risk. And some of these factors are much simpler than one may think. Dr. Wiethorn stresses the importance of paying attention to mixing crews who have not worked together and addressing how things are done at the job site. Also, safety talks focusing on the protection available must be given prior to beginning any project. Finally, the miscommunication between crane rental firms and their clients should be addressed so there are no misunderstandings.

How Sigalarm Can Help Improve Working Conditions

Recognizing that job site communication is essential, Sigalarm created its high voltage proximity alarms to warn workers and bystanders of potential power line contact. We know that accidental contact with power lines can cause machinery damage, project delays, and even human injury and death. Our alarms work by alerting users when the device detects a certain voltage. At this time, an audio or visual alarm will sound, letting the crane operator know to take action. When correctly installed, our alarms let crane operators know where it is and isn’t safe to operate machinery and stop accidents before they start.

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