Even the best drivers make mistakes on the road from time to time, and truck drivers are no exception. In particular, dump truck drivers have a history of getting into accidents involving power lines. Because operators need to raise and lower the beds of these trucks frequently, they can accidentally knock down power lines. The end results are often serious damage, traffic delays, and even injuries.

Let’s take a look at a couple incidents involving dump trucks and power lines before discussing what we can do to help operators avoid these issues moving forward:

Dump Trucks And Power Lines: A Danger Waiting To Happen

Past Dump Truck Incidents

Just last month, a dump truck destroyed a set of power lines in Greece, NY. The truck’s bed caught on a line and pulled an RG&E pole to the ground, resulting in a minor loss of power in the area. While the incident didn’t cause any injuries, thankfully, it was certainly inconvenient for city workers and residents alike.

Another incident occurred when a dump truck knocked down 15 utility poles in Henrietta, New York. The accident occurred because the driver, a long-time construction worker, failed to notice that his bed was raised. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the accident. However, the downed lines did trap several drivers in their vehicles for a period of two hours before rescue workers could get them out. More than 1,200 local residents suffered a loss of power.

While these incidents, fortunately, did not result in any serious injuries or loss of life, accidents involving power lines are often fatal. To that end, towns and businesses need to take steps to protect people on the road.

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