Berkeley Concrete Pumping did a full evaluation of Sigalarm, and we appreciate their work. We are proud to help this excellent concrete pump company. Sigalarm leads the way in creating a “safety culture” in different industries. Our user-friendly devices are not only intuitive but are also durable and designed for safety programs and initiatives. Without further ado, let’s look at the results from their evaluation.

Berkeley Concrete Pumping

Results of Berkeley Concrete Pumping’s Sigalarm Evaluation

Berkeley Concrete Pumping


Berkeley Concrete Pumping has been testing SIGALARM’S unit now for 3 months and from our evaluation, we have decided to outfit our entire fleet of 40 boom pumps. Berkeley Concrete Pumping has always been very concerned with the safety of our employees as well as our customers. The implementation of SIGALARM’S warning device has been our most important addition to our safety program. The cost of SIGALARM is insignificant and is out-weighed by the security of having a device that will continue to keep Berkeley Concrete Pumping and our industry on the leading edge of operator and customer safety.

Berkeley Concrete Pumping has a reputation of superior safety and service in the Northern and Central California construction industry. With the continued help and support of SIGALARM, we will continue to provide the finest and safest concrete service available.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SIGALARM for providing a user-friendly safety device with an extremely professional installation. Our customers have been accustomed to a very professional and safe company; SIGALARM only adds to our reputation, professionalism, and our superior safety record.


Steven E. Pryde
General Manager

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Berkeley Concrete Pumping Standards

Sigalarm loves getting high reviews, especially from such a great company. Berkeley Concrete Pumping has been around since the early eighties. This Northern California, family-owned business sets high standards for their equipment and safety protocols. Furthermore, their operators are certified through the American Concrete Pumpers Association (ACPA). The ACPA’s mission is to promote, expand, and improve the concrete pumping industry through progressive leadership, communication, education, and advocacy.

What Berkeley Concrete Pumping Does Really Well

Berkeley Concrete Pumping is a full service concrete pump company. Their equipment includes line pumps (primarily Schwing and Putzmeister pumps), truck mounted boom pumps, and more. If you are in Northern California, this is the concrete pump company you want to work with. In conclusion, Sigalarm would like to thank Berkeley Concrete Pumping for their fair evaluation. Also, they are helping set the standard for safety in the concrete pumping industry.

If you have any questions about Sigalarm products, please request a free demo and remember to check back soon as we are launching our store.