Workers in the construction industry are especially vulnerable to power line accidents. From crane operators to workers on the ground, a wide range of employees run the risk of suffering an injury or fatality related to power line electrocution. Boasting more than 40 years of experience, Sigalarm manufactures multiple alarm products designed to protect workers and pedestrians from power line dangers. Learn more about our tips for staying safe below.

Mark Boundaries and Define the Work Area

If you want to help your team avoid power line dangers, start by setting clear boundaries 360 degrees around the work area. Flags and other markers are great for letting crane operators know where it is and isn’t safe to go. Be sure to check that parts of equipment like rigging and lifting accessories are also keeping an appropriate distance away.

Have a Backup Plan in Place

In the event that accidental contact does occur, you can still take steps to avoid injury or loss of life. Be sure that crane operators know to stay in the cab after making contact and instruct them to attempt to navigate machinery to safety. If the crane cannot be moved, the operator should remain inside until the lines are turned off or no other choice is available and must exit. Supervisors should take care to keep pedestrians and other workers out of the area until help arrives.

Look Into Alarm Systems

Even the most carefully designed safety procedures sometimes fail due to human error. If you want to protect your workers, consider installing one of Sigalarm’s high voltage power line warning systems. Our proximity alarms and range control warning devices are designed to prevent accidental contact with lines. By alerting workers when they come within a given proximity of live lines, these products help avoid delays, prevent accidents, and save lives.

Contact Sigalarm to Avoid Power Line Dangers

At Sigalarm, we’re committed to keeping construction workers and passers-by safe from power line injuries. Recognizing that these incidents can happen at any time, we take steps to ensure crane operators and pedestrians have the proper warning, so they can stop accidents before they start. Our products can and do save lives.

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