In business for more than 40 years, Sigalarm has supported a wide range of businesses and community organizations by keeping their employees safe from power line accidents. During this time, we have been particularly thrilled by the opportunity to serve one very special group: the City of Burlingame Fire Department.

Firefighters hold a very special place in people’s hearts. These men and women bravely risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. So it’s been a special honor to fulfill the power line alarm needs of the Burlingame Fire Department over the years.

Sigalarm Testimonial - City of Burlingame Fire Department

Get to the Know the Burlingame Fire Department

Part of the Central County Fire Department, the Burlingame Department provides a full range of community services in San Mateo County, including fire protection and emergency medical care. It serves 70,000 local residents and thousands of visitors to the San Francisco area every year. For this reason, the men and women who make up this force undergo highly specialized training.

Protecting a Community’s Heroes

According to a letter received from the department’s assistant chief, the Burlingame firefighters have been relying on Sigalarm products to keep their employees safe on the job since 1974. During that time, the department reported that no accidents or deaths have occurred due to unintended contact with electrical lines. Additionally, the assistant chief reported that Sigalarm’s products have consistently been easy to operate and, for the most part, maintenance free.

City of Burlingame
San Mateo County


In answer to your letter of January 22, 1981, the Burlingame Fire Department does use the “Sigalarm” proximity warning device on both our aerial ladder trucks. We have done do since 1974.

During this period we have not had any accidents involving contact with electrical lines.

These devices have been fairly maintenance free except for a few fuses being replaced and they are very easy for the personnel to operate.

Yours truly,
Raymond C. Marshall
Assistant Chief

View original letter here.

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