New OSHA Standards Spur Response From SC&RA

New OSHA Standards Spur Response From SC&RA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, provides a range of guidelines designed to keep workers safe on the job. As of May 2018, OSHA printed a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding construction cranes and derricks. The goal was to provide clarification on employer responsibilities regarding crane operator safety. Sigalarm is deeply concerned with this topic. Read on to learn about the latest OSHA operator certification rules, along with the SC&RA’s response to the changes being proposed.

Understanding OSHA Operator Certification Rules

OSHA has always required the men and women who operate heavy machinery to possess special certification. However, according to the new Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, construction employers must now take additional steps to evaluate their crane operators to ensure they are competent. This process could involve training, certification, or licensing, among other responsibilities.

Understanding the SC&RA Response

Recently, SC&RA issued a response to the proposed OSHA changes. An international trade group, the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA) is made up of more than 1,300 individuals in dozens of countries. These individuals work in the fields of machine moving, industrial maintenance, crane operations, and more.

While the SC&RA has always believed in an employer’s responsibility to train its operators, the organization pushed back against the idea of using a prescriptive list for evaluation. SC&RA also argued against the use of third-party evaluations. Instead, SC&RA feels that employers should assess worker ability individually to ensure each person is uniquely qualified for his or her role.

Let Sigalarm Keep Your Workers Safe on the Job

Proper machine operation is a key part of preserving worker safety. At Sigalarm, we believe using and implementing proximity alarms is another crucial way to prevent accidents and avoid injury while operating equipment. Electrocution is among the leading causes of death in the construction industry; that’s why we strive to be the world leader in power line warning systems. Our goal is to safeguard both lives and equipment by preventing unintended power line contact.

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Expert Tips For Avoiding Crane Accidents

Expert Tips For Avoiding Crane Accidents

Crane accidents are all too common in the construction industry, and many times they result in serious property damage, injuries, and even death. A leader in high voltage proximity alarms, Sigalarm is passionate about working hand in hand with construction workers and industry leaders to stop these devastating accidents. Read on to discover what the experts have to say about stopping crane accidents and preventing loss of life, along with our tips.

What The Crane Accident Research Says

Stopping crane-related injuries means staying abreast of the latest research. A leader in construction accident research, Dr. Jim Wiethorn is the principal engineer at Crane Group and chairman of Haag Engineering, a failure and damage consulting firm. He has spent years deconstructing incidents involving cranes in order to determine what happened and why.

According to past research, more injuries occur when people are not using the lift than when they are. Moreover, a serious lack of communication exists between crews and service providers. Dr. Wiethorn believes that bridging this gap is essential for preventing accidents. He also stresses the importance of OSHA requiring mandatory crane operator certification. Doing this is essential to keeping workers safe on the job.

Crane accidents can be prevented if multiple layers of protection are used. However, the factors that contribute to accidents need to be analyzed so employers know how to reduce risk. And some of these factors are much simpler than one may think. Dr. Wiethorn stresses the importance of paying attention to mixing crews who have not worked together and addressing how things are done at the job site. Also, safety talks focusing on the protection available must be given prior to beginning any project. Finally, the miscommunication between crane rental firms and their clients should be addressed so there are no misunderstandings.

How Sigalarm Can Help Improve Working Conditions

Recognizing that job site communication is essential, Sigalarm created its high voltage proximity alarms to warn workers and bystanders of potential power line contact. We know that accidental contact with power lines can cause machinery damage, project delays, and even human injury and death. Our alarms work by alerting users when the device detects a certain voltage. At this time, an audio or visual alarm will sound, letting the crane operator know to take action. When correctly installed, our alarms let crane operators know where it is and isn’t safe to operate machinery and stop accidents before they start.

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At Sigalarm, we help bridge the communication gap between construction workers and service providers. To learn more about our services, call today or contact us online. You can also check out our product selection by visiting our online shop. We look forward to helping you protect your workers.

Cleaning Solar Panels

Cleaning Solar Panels

Sigalarm is no stranger to the importance of solar power. In fact, we rely on solar panels to charge our power line warning sensors, keeping workers and pedestrians safe during construction projects. Recognizing that solar energy plays an essential role in the lives of many, we wanted to offer up our tips for keeping these panels clean and functioning properly.Cleaning Solar Panels

How to Clean Your Solar Panels

Because solar panels heat up in the sun, it’s important only to clean them at night or on cool days. Start by using a garden hose to wash down the panels. If they aren’t in bad shape, a quick spray might be sufficient to remove dust and dirt. However, if the solar panels have a lot of caked-on dirt and grime, you might need to perform a more thorough cleaning. Be sure to use a soft cloth to avoid damaging the panels. Warm water and soap are all you need to keep your solar panels clean and in working order.

It’s important to avoid using harsh cleansers and detergents when cleaning your solar panels. The last thing you want to do is scratch the glass. Further, certain cleansers can result in streaks and smudges that prevent light from passing through and will interfere with overall performance.

How Often Should Panels Be Cleaned?

Cleaning solar panels once or twice a year is usually sufficient to keep them running effectively. In fact, studies show that panels produce 3.5 percent to 5.1 percent more electricity when cleaned every six months or so. This effort is especially crucial in dusty regions like the American Southwest. Additionally, you might need to clean your panels more frequently if you live near a factory, airport, or another source of regular pollution.

Trust Sigalarm With Your Safety Product Needs

For 41 years, Sigalarm has been serving the needs of a wide range of customers throughout the US and beyond. We are passionate about keeping construction workers and passers-by safe from various incidents involving power lines. To learn more about our sensors and what they can do to protect your employees, call today or contact our team online.

Avoid the Dangers of Power Lines

Avoid The Dangers Of Power Lines

Workers in the construction industry are especially vulnerable to power line accidents. From crane operators to workers on the ground, a wide range of employees run the risk of suffering an injury or fatality related to power line electrocution. Boasting more than 40 years of experience, Sigalarm manufactures multiple alarm products designed to protect workers and pedestrians from power line dangers. Learn more about our tips for staying safe below.

Mark Boundaries and Define the Work Area

If you want to help your team avoid power line dangers, start by setting clear boundaries 360 degrees around the work area. Flags and other markers are great for letting crane operators know where it is and isn’t safe to go. Be sure to check that parts of equipment like rigging and lifting accessories are also keeping an appropriate distance away.

Have a Backup Plan in Place

In the event that accidental contact does occur, you can still take steps to avoid injury or loss of life. Be sure that crane operators know to stay in the cab after making contact and instruct them to attempt to navigate machinery to safety. If the crane cannot be moved, the operator should remain inside until the lines are turned off or no other choice is available and must exit. Supervisors should take care to keep pedestrians and other workers out of the area until help arrives.

Look Into Alarm Systems

Even the most carefully designed safety procedures sometimes fail due to human error. If you want to protect your workers, consider installing one of Sigalarm’s high voltage power line warning systems. Our proximity alarms and range control warning devices are designed to prevent accidental contact with lines. By alerting workers when they come within a given proximity of live lines, these products help avoid delays, prevent accidents, and save lives.

Contact Sigalarm to Avoid Power Line Dangers

At Sigalarm, we’re committed to keeping construction workers and passers-by safe from power line injuries. Recognizing that these incidents can happen at any time, we take steps to ensure crane operators and pedestrians have the proper warning, so they can stop accidents before they start. Our products can and do save lives.

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Sigalarm Featured in Design 2 Part Magazine

Sigalarm Featured in Design 2 Part Magazine

After decades in business, Sigalarm is still the leader in power line warning systems. This record has made Sigalarm the preferred manufacturer of power line warning systems in the United States and globally. Also, their long career has yielded them some meaningful partnerships with other companies. This record does not come without recognition. Design 2 Part magazine featured Sigalarm in their October issue. The article reflects on the company’s relationship with its local electronics contract manufacturers and their benefits.

Sigalarm Featured in Design 2 Part Magazine

Design 2 Part Features Sigalarm

Design 2 Part is a quarterly publication magazine that focuses on parts manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and suppliers. Also, the magazine is a division of the Job Shop Company. Design 2 Part features manufacturing industry news whose targeted audience is engineers, North American OEMs, and product manufacturing companies. This feature is a testament of how important the commitment to safety and quality are to Sigalarm.

The business of saving lives is serious and comes with a lot of responsibility. So in order to provide the best proximity warning systems, Sigalarm needs the best electric contract manufacturers. Since 2011, Sigalarm had Intellitec Products, LLC, based in Deland, FL, as an established manufacturer. But after having an increase in sales, the opportunity to add a second manufacturer arose. QMS is located only 5 miles away from Sigalarm headquarters. Additionally, QMS is well regarded in the contract manufacturer field for its high quality, good workmanship, and brand name. For the Design 2 Part article, Sigalarm’s CEO Lance Burney commented on QMS:

“QMS represents the quality that Sigalarm customers demand. We’re thrilled to be entrusting this organization with our growing manufacturing needs. It’s our hope that our two companies will continue working together for years to come.”

The article Design 2 Part Magazine wrote on Sigalarm emphasizes the company’s relationships with its manufacturers. In the article, Lance Burney expresses that having local manufacturers brings peace of mind. This is because it gives them the option to visit the manufacturer’s facility for quality control. A task that was impossible when the alarms were being manufactured in China years ago. It is also important to mention that good quality of production calls for higher investment. And manufacturing locally required the higher price that Sigalarm was willing to pay when transitioning to local manufacturers.

 Sigalarm’s Promise to You

Sigalarm takes pride in their business of saving lives. And this shows in the quality of its alarms. Further, manufacturing all of their equipment locally, provides opportunities for the company to design innovative products and improve the quality. Contact us to learn how you can keep your company safe.


The Price Of Safety at Construction Sites

The Price Of Safety at Construction Sites

Once upon a time, people viewed construction site accidents as the cost of doing business. In fact, companies went so far as to build the price of accidents and injuries into job estimates, and it wasn’t uncommon for multiple workers to lose their lives in the erection of a building or bridge. Fortunately, times have changed, and modern construction businesses take greater care to protect the lives of their workers. Learn more about construction site safety and what your team can do to keep its members safe.The Price Of Safety at Construction Sites

Improving Construction Site Safety

Protecting workers on the job is an important goal and one that can be difficult to achieve. In an effort to keep costs down, many businesses attempt to cut corners; unfortunately, workers and bystanders often suffer as a result. One of the reasons managers may hesitate to invest in safety is that they can’t see the payoff of their dollars. After all, there’s no way of predicting exactly how many accidents were prevented as a result of safety training and policies. With that in mind, communities and companies have a responsibility to persuade construction managers that safety is well worth the cost.

Stopping Construction Accidents in Their Tracks

If communities want to reduce construction accident injuries, they need to devote resources to education and prevention. Managers should start by assessing current policies, considering factors like employee training, equipment maintenance, and safety products. Any problems should be addressed and corrected as soon as possible.

Additionally, construction companies can take steps to protect their workers in situations where they might come into contact with power lines. Unintended power line contact is a serious hazard in the construction world. In fact, the Center for Construction Research and Training says power line electrocution is one of the leading causes of death in the industry. Sigalarm offers several warning systems and contact alarms to alert workers when their equipment becomes perilously close to power lines. When installed by trained professionals, these products can prevent injury and even death.

Contact Sigalarm for Power Line Safety Products Built to Last

Achieving construction site safety is a challenging prospect but one well worth the effort. To learn more about Sigalarm’s products and services, call today or contact us online. Working together, we can ensure all of your construction employees stay safe on the job.


Sigalarm's New Contract Manufacturing Company, QMS

Sigalarm’s New Contract Manufacturing Company, QMS

At Sigalarm, we are always looking for ways to grow our business. That’s one reason we highly value partnering with other manufacturers in our industry. Strategic partnerships help us provide the best products and services to all of our customers. Now, due to unprecedented growth, Sigalarm is excited to announce a new partnership with QMS Manufacturing. Sigalarm’s track record of success combined with QMS’ manufacturing capabilities is sure to create a winning formula for both companies. As a result of this partnership, customers will benefit from a more streamlined process. Read more

New Standard For Proximity Alarm Manufacturing

ASTM Sets New Standard For Proximity Alarm Manufacturing

Working through ASTM International, a global standards development organization, Sigalarm has helped create a brand-new industry standard for the manufacturing of proximity alarms. Our staff acted as the chair of task group, with members from other proximity alarm manufacturers. The two groups were able to set ASTM new standards to define how proximity alarms should be manufactured. Sigalarm is proud of the work that’s been done and the time and attention ASTM gave to this issue. Read more

Sigalarm Featured in MCS Magazine

Workplace Safety: Sigalarm Featured on

Contractors know the importance of keeping workers safe. It’s second nature to them. Procuring equipment, training people, and keeping up with the latest trends is what they do. To be successful in the construction industry demands a high standard, especially when it comes to workplace safety. The following is the full article from MCS Magazine. Read the full article here:

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Top 3 Reasons To Become A Sigalarm Distributor

Top 3 Reasons To Become A Sigalarm Distributor

With our track record for safety and quality assurance, Sigalarm is the preferred manufacturer of high voltage proximity alert warning systems.  Which is why becoming a Sigalarm distributor is a fairly easy choice. Our distributors sell our quality products to work sites all over the world. Below are three main reasons why you should consider becoming a Sigalarm distributor today. Read more