Historical Field Evaluation

Sigalarm has been at the forefront of safety innovations for decades. We are proud to share a recently discovered artifact that highlights a field evaluation from 1973.

Consider where YOU were in 1973. Did you have a cell phone? Did you have a personal computer or laptop? How about your car? Did it open or start without inserting a key? I could go on and on, but you get the point. Drastic lifestyle improvements have been advanced over the decades. Read more

Judging Clearance Distances near Overhead Power Lines

Back in 1978 the Human Factors Society of Detroit, Michigan, did a study called, “Judging Clearance Distances Near Overhead Power Lines.” The specialists examined accuracy in particular – and the results were not good. Read more

Avoiding Electrocution With Safety Measures

There are many ways to keep your people safe. Avoiding electrocution isn’t rocket science, but proven science can help. As we share a few points to keep in mind to protect your employees in the workplace, safety is the first thing on the list! Our goal at Sigalarm is to help avoid an electrocution or accident in the work environment. Read more

Farming Industry Powerline Safety

Often, there is a finite window of time when grain producers can move and market their product. As a result, there is an exponential rise in the use of grain trucks. While grain producers are simply trying to get work done quickly and efficiently, this rise can lead to an increase in accidents. Plus, if weather conditions are less than ideal, leading to a limited number of days to use the the equipment and move the grain, accidents may be even more prevalent. A recent increase in the number of electrocutions among grain truck operators has brought greater awareness to farming industry power line safety. Here are a few things to remember to keep you and your operators safe: Read more

Sigalarm | Attention Fire Departments: The Dangers of Aerial Ladders and Electrocution

High voltage power lines present a variety of dangers to people who work in close proximity to them, such as firefighters. Instances of firefighters being electrocuted by high voltage power lines while climbing ladders is too common. And, it can often prove fatal. So, what can fire departments do to prevent this from happening, and improve aerial ladder safety? In addition to training, designated safety officers, and standard operating procedures, fire departments can use Sigalarm’s High Voltage Power Line Warning systems to keep everyone safe. Read more

Trump Approves Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline

President Donald J. Trump recently approved the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline. This pipeline will stretch from the Bakken and Three Forks shale formations in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. It will span 1,172 miles from start to finish. While it’s still uncertain how many jobs will be created to complete the pipeline, there is no doubt that the Dakota Access Pipeline will bring construction jobs to the region.

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