ConExpo 2020: Sigalarm Unveils New Products, Mobile App

Despite concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus pandemic, ConExpo 2020 was the construction industry’s most successful show ever. Throughout the week, Siglalarm connected with leaders in the industry, closed new deals, and unveiled our newest innovations.

ConExpo 2020 became the highest attended event yet, with over 130,000 registered for attendance. With so many attending, Sigalarm continued our commitment to saving lives. We introduced and demoed our world-leading power line warning technology to countless new potential partners.

“When I leave ConExpo, I’m always amazed at the amount of people and equipment it takes to run our everyday lives,” said Ashley Pertler, Sigalarm’s Operations Manager. “There is a global workforce building your future, and they are all represented at this show.”

With great success at ConExpo 2020, we’re already making plans to attend the conference again in 2023.

Connecting with distributors

Despite some skepticism around attendance, Sigalarm’s booth in New Festival Hall had steady traffic throughout the week. We made connections with several new companies which could use Sigalarm’s technology.

Sigalarm closed a new partnership with Scale and Control Inc., a product solutions company. In addition, we began negotiations with several potential partners.

“It was a treat to hear how potential customers were discussing strategies to incorporate our products into their culture,” Pertler said. “We feel like those who were in attendance were serious about making business connections making this one of our most successful trade shows yet.”

We also connected with some of our current distributors who attended ConExpo 2020 to discuss future plans and products. These included Hydraulic Sales in Miami, Brandt Companies, and Bay Shore Systems in Idaho, amongst others.

Sigalarm Products at ConExpo 2020

Sigalarm introduced several of our new innovations at ConExpo, including our safety monitoring mobile app. At our booth in New Festival Hall, we showcased our Gen 5 Sigalarm system and its new features. Of course, our new wireless proximity alarm and monitoring application will continue to keep safety at the forefront.

“We received a lot of good feedback from customers who were excited about new Deutsch connectors and weather resistant features of the Gen 5,” Pertler said.

Sigalarm App

Sigalarm Mobile Monitoring app

Our monitoring app, which puts safety at the fingertips of its users, was introduced to customers as well. The app helps team members monitor and manage alarm notifications from job sites. Users can track warnings and keep records of alarm notifications in the app. Lastly, it will allow supervisors and team leaders to access their Sigalarm training course and earn their certification. The app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Sigalarm Training Course

Along with our app, we also introduced our Sigalarm training course at ConExpo. Our wireless proximity alarm training course teaches team members how to use Sigalarms to ensure team safety. Furthermore, the course will walk through how to operate, adjust setpoints and parameters, and troubleshoot Sigalarm monitoring systems.

In addition to the desktop version of the course, it can be completed by team members in the mobile app as well. Once the course is complete, users will receive a certificate to authorize them to operate Sigalarms.

Besides our booth, several other companies were featuring Sigalarm’s line of products. Scale and Control Inc. displayed Gen 4 at its booth. Brandt Companies showed the Gen 4 installed on a pipe layer. In addition, Bay Shore Systems showcased the Legacy installed on their customers’ drill rigs.  Finally, our Sigalarms were displayed by Midwest Drilled Foundations & Engineering, Inc., and Scott Powerline & Utility Equipment.

Video Recap from ConExpo 2020

Photos from ConExpo

A Safer Future in Construction

Sigalarm was one of many innovators in construction safety at the event. With so many new revolutionary technologies on display, we were proud to be one of the presenters from around the globe. Moreover, ConExpo showed us just how many companies are prioritizing saving lives at their construction sites. Countless AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) members proudly displayed, “I Make America” logos throughout the show.

“It makes me proud to be a part of the vital supply chain that keeps this country working, safely!” Pertler said.

At Sigalarm, we’re proud to supply a wide array of power line warning products to keep construction safe, including our new monitoring app. These include three warning devices and Hirtzer insulated links. To learn more about how we can help keep your employees safe on the job, call today or contact our team online.

Sigalarm will Attend ConExpo-Con 2020 amid Coronavirus Concerns

UPDATE: 12:20 p.m. EST, March 9, 2020

Exhibits that were previously canceled by Volvo will now be on display at ConExpo-Con despite the company announcing it would withdraw from the convention last week.

The company has decided it would not be possible to remove the equipment and dismantle the booth in Las Vegas before the show begins. One of the largest exhibitors at the convention will fill 60,000-square-feet of show floor space despite previously withdrawing.

“At this point in preparations it would not be possible for Volvo CE to remove the equipment and dismantle the booth before the show begins,” Volvo CE said in a statement. “Instead, a small number of locally hired independent staff will remain on the site for the duration of the show.”

Sigalarm has been following concerns about COVID-19 coronavirus and the upcoming ConExpo-CON/AGG 2020 in Las Vegas closely. We want to assure attendees that despite international concerns, Sigalarm will be attending the convention on March 10-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Sigalarm is focused on keeping our team members and customers safe at all times. We are taking strict precautions to protect against coronavirus. As an American-based company, we do not feel that our participation in the event presents any danger to our team.

Several ConExpo exhibitors and attendees withdrew due to travel restrictions due to the spread of the virus in China, Italy, and South Korea. These decisions to withdraw cannot be easy for any company. We understand the weight of withdrawing from such a major convention. However, over 90% of the convention exhibitors remain intact. We expect the convention to be the largest in its history.

Safety Precautions at ConExpo

ConExpo has released an update addressing the coronavirus and its effect on the conference. The coronavirus is spread primarily through infected respiratory droplets and touching surfaces with the virus on it. ConExpo is taking precautions to keep its convention clean.

ConExpo Show Management is encouraging a “no handshake” policy at the site of the convention. They will also be providing buttons and stickers to attendees. The management team is working with the Las Vegas Convention Center to provide hand sanitizers throughout the convention. This includes shows, festival grounds, meeting spaces, registration areas, media rooms, and information stands.

The management team will also have staff cleaning common areas with strong disinfectant, especially tables, door handles, and hands-on technology.

Everyone attending ConExpo is asked to make responsible decisions and stay home if they are sick and cannot safely travel, or if they are traveling from high-risk areas. Several exhibitors have not permitted staff from high-risk areas to attend the event. Visitors to the conference will be monitored by the South Nevada Health District and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The ConExpo staff is closely monitoring additional news. They will follow any protocols from the CDC and the World Health Organization. The expo is still expecting well over 100,000 attendees at this year’s event.

Volvo Group and Others Pulling out of ConExpo 2020

On Thursday, Volvo Construction announced that all business areas within the Volvo Group have withdrawn their participation in next week’s ConExpo-CON/AGG. Volvo Construction Equipment had one of the largest booths in the Festival Grounds, totaling at more than 60,000 sq. ft.

This decision came after a state of emergency was declared in Washington, Florida, and California on Wednesday. Cases of the virus continues to spread across America.

“We are great supporters of ConExpo, and despite being in advanced preparations for this year’s event, we believe it is the right thing to do to withdraw at this late stage. Our first concern is the wellbeing of employees, customers, and the wider public,” said Melker Jernberg, Executive VP and President of Volvo CE. “It’s very disappointing not to be attending, but our first priority is the health and safety of our employees and others.”

These decisions come with significant financial costs and the ripple effect on its employees packed into the decision to withdraw from the conference. But it’s a decision several companies have made in an effort to prioritize the safety of their staff. These companies include Michelin, Platform Basket, Parker Hannifin, Eaton, Danfoss, and Sun Hydraulics.

Stay Up to Date on Our ConExpo Plans

Sigalarm will continue to closely monitor the spread of the coronavirus until and during the convention. We are also generating a contingency plan should things worsen. Contact us to stay up to date on the coronavirus concerns. And to see us live from the convention, follow us on our social media channels below. We’re excited to see you at ConExpo-CON/AGG.

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