Proximity Alarm Questions Answered

Proximity Alarm Questions Answered

It’s a good thing to be cautious when it comes to safety. Proximity alarms, like other technologies, bring up many questions. We at Sigalarm have the best engineers, designers, and technicians that can answer your proximity alarm questions. In this brief article, we lay out the answers.

Proximity Alarm Questions Answered - Question #1

Proximity Alarm Question #1 – Are Proximity Alarms Too Expensive?

Compared to any safety investment, proximity alarms are actually the most affordable. When you factor in the value of a safe work environment, it is the best investment a company can make. It’s hard to put a price on safety.


Proximity Alarm Questions Answered - Question #2

Proximity Alarm Question #2 – Do Proximity Alarms Utilize Limited Technology?

The fact is, proximity alarms are on the cutting edge of technology. At least 16 patents have been issued between 1964 and 2014. Currently a new ASTM standard is being developed for proximity alarms. By comparison, other options have not been tested nearly as much.


Proximity Alarm Questions Answered - Question #3

Proximity Alarm Question #3 – Do Proximity Alarms Provide a False Sense of Security?

It’s very easy to answer this myth. Proximity alarms have been in existence since the 1960’s. Over 10,000 models have been sold world-wide on a variety of equipment. However, they are not excluded from use by any regulatory agency. It is proven science that they provide sufficient warning as they are designed to do. If someone thinks they might instill a false sense of security, that too, has been proven wrong. In fact, the reverse is true as operators tend to be more aware of potential dangers.


Proximity Alarm Questions Answered - Question #4

Proximity Alarm Question #4 – Are Proximity Alarms Hard To Use?

It’s very likely your TV remote is more complicated than a proximity alarm. Sigalarm systems work flawlessly in freezing weather or in extreme heat. Sigalarms are immune to distractions. Sigalarms do not look away. As a guardian of your safety, they are always on the job.

In conclusion, Sigalarm has a team of the best trained people in the industry who are especially qualified to answer your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, or call us at 800.589.3769.

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Sigalarms Are Now All Made in America!

Sigalarms Are All Made in America!

Sigalarm is pleased to announce that all of our products are Made in America. We are proud to say this, and it reflects the spirit of America in our whole team. This is not to say we are against others who manufacture abroad or to impugn them in any way.  In fact, our wireless proximity alarm was formerly made out of the country. But now we have seen to it that EVERYTHING we make is made here. We feel by making that happen, we have improved our company.

Sigalarms Are Now All Made in America!

Made in America Means The Costs Are Lower

The reason many companies have their products manufactured overseas is to save money. In many countries labor is cheaper, materials are more readily available, and taxes are lower. This has changed, and we will save money because of local business alliances.

  • Sigalarm makes weekly and sometimes daily visits to our manufacturing facility.
  • We are within 25 miles of each other.
  • They, too, are a privately owned business.
  • Regular communication with their staff includes parts purchasing, engineering, and manufacturing.
  • We have far less waste and shipping costs due to local production (for example: If there is a scratch on the paint, we would never take on the cost of returning it to China; it would essentially be a big paper weight).
  • We now have secured much higher quality control capabilities.

Made in America Means We Save Time

The one big problem having products made on the other side of the planet is time. If a part is missing or an adjustment is necessary, it’s hard to do this from a distance. However, we can now drive a few minutes and take care of business with our partners. This saves time. Like they say, Time is Money!

Made in America Means We Are Helping Our Economy

We love our country, and we love our neighbors. Employing them is a great feeling. It gives depth to our business, and there is a better camaraderie.

Toby Keith wrote a song we all know:

He’s got the red, white,
And blue flyin’ high on the farm
Semper fi tattooed on his left arm
Spends a little more in the store for a tag
In the back that says U.S.A.
He won’t buy nothin’ that he can’t fix
With WD Forty and a Craftsman wrench
He ain’t prejudice he’s just, made in America

Below is the press release from our CEO Lance Burney:

Release 4-13- 17

Sigalarm hardwired legacy products have been manufactured in the USA for over 50 years. This practice has always guaranteed high quality and reliable products to our loyal existing customers and new clients. In 2013, production of our wireless proximity alarm was contracted to be manufactured overseas. That contract expired at the end of 2016, and Sigalarm is proud to announce that as of April 2017 all products are now manufactured back in the USA. Sigalarm customers expect quality products delivered in a timely manner. Any less is not acceptable. Our decision to bring back the wireless manufacturing was based on our ability to better control and improve these factors at the local level. In addition, we strongly believe in supporting a strong US economy in any way possible. With pending regulations, standards, and expected growth in our industry, we must continue to lead by example.


Lance Burney
CEO of Sigalarm


Thank you for your encouragement and support. We are proud to be Americans, and we are pleased to do business in America!

The Derrick Crane

If you’ve ever passed a construction site, you’ve more than likely seen a Derrick Crane. A tower that protrudes from the crane’s base and pivots in any direction is the most identifiable feature of a derrick crane. Derrick cranes are considered “fixed”. These cranes are assembled and disassembled at the construction site. These cranes are used on shipping platforms, with ships and barges, as well as in construction sites.

The Derrick Crane

Free Range of Motion

A key benefit of derrick cranes is their range of motion. Because of the ability to pivot, a derrick crane can both luff and slew. Luffing refers to moving a load vertically. This is especially helpful when moving materials from one platform to another, or from one side of a building to another. Luffing cranes are equipped to keep the hook level. This is especially important when working on a vertical plane.

Design Variety

Derrick cranes have four support anchors, making it a steadier piece of equipment than most other cranes. Defined by the number of anchored supports, derrick cranes can be configured in a variety of ways. This brings a degree of flexibility not often seen with large pieces of construction equipment. The tower and mast configurations determine the type of crane. Also, how the boom is used can determine different types. Types include A-Leg, Basket, Guy, and Stiffleg.

Safety First with Sigalarm

If your team is using a derrick crane or other type of large construction equipment. Consider outfitting the device with a Sigalarm high proximity alert warning system. Warning systems are especially important when working with machines, like cranes, that keep your workers farther from the immediate action. It is more difficult for a crane operator to spot a possible issue with a high voltage power line from the cab of a crane. Available for both new and used equipment, Sigalarm devices provide two different functions: proximity alert and an automatic early warning system. Sigalarm has over 40 years of experience keeping crews and equipment safe. Contact us today to find out how we can positively impact the safety of your job sites. Also, if you’d like a demo… please reach out and we might see you at a show.

OSHA Making Changes to Crane Rules

OSHA Making Changes to Crane Rules

There will be changes to three existing OSHA regulations starting in 2017. These three regulation changes by OSHA will impact crane operator certification requirements, redefining the term “hoisting.” They will also affect crane usage for railroad projects. Let’s examine each of these changes in a bit more depth.

OSHA Making Changes to Crane Rules

Redefining Crane Certification

Crane operators are currently being labeled as “certified” and “classified.” Each label means something different and applies a different level of knowledge and learning in regards to their work functions. The regulation change will most likely relate to certification covering a specific crane and one’s function. To date, the OSHA changes have not been fully outlined.

As a result of a change to this rule, costs to employers could either increase or decrease due to additional or fewer certification requirements.

Redefining the Term “Hoisting”

In addition, OSHA has proposed expanding the definition of “hoisting.” The definition will now include lifting or stabilizing of loads that have one end connected to the ground or that are connected to a structure. Initial concern speculated that this change could prevent workers from being allowed to work on structures partially supported by cranes. However, the rule clearly outlines that this is not the case.

Redefining Equipment Usage on Railroads

Another of the 2017 OSHA changes involves redefining the equipment usage rule for railroad work. Previously, specialized equipment used for railroad work wasn’t required to meet the same standards as the crane equipment. According to the new regulations, however, railroad equipment must now meet similar standards. When the rule was first introduced, the Association of American Railroads challenged it in court. The Association eventually lost, but as a result of the ensuing court case, the rule did not take effect until this year when the federal appeals court made a decision.

Keeping Your Crew Safe

OSHA requires construction companies to follow OSHA standards and monitor worker safety. To that end, Sigalarm has been making safety products for work sites for more than half a century. Our proximity alerts and automatic early warning system provide on-site power line proximity warnings. These early detection warnings allow your crew to stay safe in the face of multiple potential hazards. Furthermore, devices also attach to specialized construction equipment including lattice cranes, telescoping cranes and excavators, for added early detection. Contact us today to find out more about our early warning systems and how they can enhance your work site safety.

Trump Approves Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline

Trump Approves Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline

President Donald J. Trump recently approved the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline. This pipeline will stretch from the Bakken and Three Forks shale formations in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. It will span 1,172 miles from start to finish. While it’s still uncertain how many jobs will be created to complete the pipeline, there is no doubt that the Dakota Access Pipeline will bring construction jobs to the region.

Trump Approves Permit for Dakota Access Pipeline

Keep Your Workers Safe

With an inevitable rise in construction industry jobs, it will be more important than ever to employ increased safety measures on job sites. Sigalarm manufactures High Voltage Power Line Warning devices that are the perfect complement to the on-site safety features companies already have in place. Our Warning devices come in a variety of models to adapt to different job site equipment, and also have both audio and visual alarms to serve as a warning. This is especially important with pipeline construction since the risk of contact with high voltage power lines increases due to the nature of the work.

The Next Generation Alarm

Sigalarm is also proud to offer the Gen3 Wireless Range Control Warning Device. Equipped with GPS positioning, real-time monitoring and recording, and up to 12 wireless sensors, this device is truly the next step in warning technology. And the Gen3 also comes with the same audio and visual warnings you’ve come to expect from Sigalarm products.

Alarms for Every Job

If you’re not sure your construction site is ready for the Gen3 Device, Sigalarm offers four standard high voltage power line warning devices that provide the same great detection abilities. Increase the on-site safety of your crew by outfitting your equipment with Sigalarm devices.

Leader in Warning Alarms

President Trump’s approval of the permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline means an increase in construction jobs. However, construction sites can be dangerous places. That’s why it’s best for you to partner with Sigalarm, the leader in high voltage power line warning devices. For over 40 years, our company has serviced thousands of customers around the world in a variety of industries. Contact Sigalarm today for more information and to discover how our devices can best suit your safety needs.

Trump Approves Keystone XL Pipeline

Trump Approves Keystone XL Pipeline

With the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, President Donald J. Trump has also approved a measure that will create jobs in the construction industry. Construction of the pipeline will take anywhere from one to two years, and generate more than 3,900 jobs, according to Labor Department estimates. This means a lot more workers will be in the field, working with dangerous equipment and working around high voltage power lines. To keep your workers safe, consider purchasing one or several of the Sigalarm High Voltage Power Warning devices.

Trump Approves Keystone XL Pipeline

Keep Your Workers Safe

The proposed pipeline will span 875 miles from the Canadian border to Steele City, Nebraska. A project of this size also increases the risk of accidents. Construction companies engaged in such massive projects should have the Sigalarm High Voltage Power Warning device on the job site. Sigalarm warning devices come in a variety of styles to fit multiple terrains or work site environments. The devices have visual and audio warnings, including a verbal warning to ensure the alert is heard and received.  By detecting high voltage power lines and emitting a warning if workers or equipment get too close, these systems can greatly reduce the risk of on the job injuries.

A Sigalarm for Any Job

The Sigalarm comes in the following models, providing ultimate flexibility when choosing the best alarm for your job:

  • Models 110, 210, 410 and 510: These models come with a range of options from telescoping to boom and excavator adapters so you can use them in multiple situations. All of these models have audio and visual warnings, on demand status monitors, and single relay input.
  • Sigalarm Gen3 Wireless Range Control Warning Device: This alarm is finely tuned to detect the e-field that surrounds all high voltage power lines. The strength of the signal increases as the proximity to the e-field increases. This warning is key to keeping workers safe.

The Leader in High Voltage Power Alarms

Sigalarm traces its roots back more than 40 years. Our alarms are used by hundreds of customers in the construction, television, pipeline, utility and military industries. For the best way to keep your workers safe, contact Sigalarm today. We look forward to helping you make your pipeline site, or any job site safer.

How Sigalarm Will Save Lives And Money

How Sigalarm Will Save Lives And Money

Safety is top of mind for most business owners. It is especially important for occupations with inherent risk, like construction or electrical work. Sigalarm has created a power line warning system to decrease on-the-job risk. This high voltage Sigalarm attaches to new or used equipment and detects high voltage power lines in a variety of work situations.

How Sigalarm Will Save Lives And Money

High Voltage Proximity Alarm

Sigalarm’s power line warning systems are designed for use by the construction industry, utility companies, fire departments, railroads, and television broadcast vehicles. It is also compatible with farm equipment, drilling rigs, and much more.

How to Stay Safe

Human Spotters will always be an essential part of good safety practices while working near powerlines. Let’s face it, though: People aren’t perfect. They can easily be distracted, which may lead to an accident. Sigalarm does not get distracted. The Sigalarm warning device was created to supplement the worker, as an operator aid for an extra measure of safety. The high voltage emits a visual and audio alert to prevent workers from getting too close to high voltage power lines. It also alerts operators of nearby lightning storms that pose a particular danger to certain projects. The alarm sounds inside the cabin as well as outside, alerting both the operator and entire ground crew to potential danger.

Business owners can use Sigalarm to meet OSHA regulations. Per the OSHA site, employers must “provide a workplace free from serious recognized hazards.” Power lines pose a serious risk to employees if not properly detected.

Adaptable Safety

The Sigalarm high voltage proximity alarm is available as a wireless system as well. The new wireless system eliminates the need for bulky cable reels and hard wired antennas. The compact wireless sensors can be mounted on virtually any flat surface with up to 16 sensors on a single piece of equipment. Just like the Legacy system, the wireless device emits an audible and visual warning to alert equipment operators and ground personnel who may be near a power line. Additionally, the sensors are built to withstand the elements. The system performs self-checks to ensure continuous communication.

Unique to Sigalarm products, each system has at least two alarm modes. Maximum sensitivity occurs every time the equipment is powered up to let the operator know there are high voltage power lines in the vicinity. Secondly, every system has a settable alert that can be customized for each jobsite.

Another key feature of Sigalarm’s wireless and Legacy products is the optional ability to stop the equipment from moving when an alarm occurs, also known as Auto-shut down.

Saving Money by Saving Lives

Safety managers know the costs of an accident can be egregious. Not only could the company incur fines if they contact a power line, they will also likely incur lawsuits, especially if there is loss of life. These costs can easily put smaller companies out of business, even with the best insurance policies. Avoiding human errors not only saves lives, but ultimately saves incredible amounts of money by helping to prevent accidents and subsequent fines and lawsuits. This is Sigalarm’s mission: we’re in the business of saving lives.

Leader in Power Line Warning Systems

Sigalarm has led the industry in power line warning systems for decades. Our team understands the importance of these devices, and we pride ourselves in helping businesses reduce unnecessary accidents by keeping workers safe. We look forward to speaking with you about your business’ proximity alarm needs, and collaborating to ensure on-the-job safety.

Why Visit The 2017 CONEXPO - CON/AGG

Why Visit The 2017 CONEXPO – CON/AGG

Every three years, Sigalarm attends CONEXPO – CON/AGG, an industry trade show for everything related to the construction industry. With over 2,500 exhibitors and 150 education sessions, the 2017 CONEXPO – CON/AGG is the place for the latest innovations in construction methods and technology.

Why Visit The 2017 CONEXPO - CON/AGG

The Best Construction Industry Show is 2017 CONEXPO – CON/AGG

For 2017, the CONEXPO – CON/AGG will be held in Las Vegas. With a brand new, 750,000-square-foot Tech Experience, varies businesses and attendees will be exposed to the latest technology. There will be informative demonstrations showing how new technology can make businesses more efficient and profitable. With an attendee base made up of more than 60 percent contractors, CONEXPO – CON/AGG is one of the best trade shows; especially for construction companies looking for the latest technological advances.

This year, CONEXPO – CON/AGG’s has a comprehensive technology experience. This experience will include the first-ever 3D-printed excavator, solar-powered roadways, and more. Access to all demonstrations is included to all attendees with their badge pack. Aside from the latest tech, CONEXPO – CON/AGG gives businesses and attendees a chance to speak directly with the manufacturers of their favorite equipment. Visitors will also view the latest equipment in the construction industry. This is the best way for construction professionals to get help with effective tool selection.

SigAlarm is Committed to Industry Advancement

Sigalarm is glad to attend the 2017 CONEXPO – CON/AGG once again in 2017. This year, Sigalarm is featuring our High Voltage Proximity Alarm. The High Voltage Proximity Alarm has a lot of exciting features; an on-demand status monitor, audio and visual alarms, a single hardware sensor, and a single relay output. We invite you to stop by our booth at the Expo, booth #G-73408, for a free demo of this new device. You’ll be able to speak directly with our Sigalarm experts who can answer all your questions about our new High Voltage Proximity Alarm.

At Sigalarm, we are constantly working on keeping our products cutting-edge to meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, at the 2017 CONEXPO – CON/AGG, we are also happy to introduce our New Waterproof Power Line Warning Device and Control Modules. Many variations are available in the later part of 2017. Also, our live demonstrations of this product will prove once again that customer safety is our top priority. Sigalarm’s Waterproof Power Line Warning Device offers our new waterproof enclosure and new waterproof control module.  Together, these upgrades increase installation options for our customers, while also expanding the capabilities of this amazing device. Therefore you should register for a free demo at the 2017 CONEXPO – CON/AGG today. In addition, make sure to visit the Sigalarm booth #S-63450 at the expo.

Sigalarm looks forward to seeing you at CONEXPO – CON/AGG 2017! Please sign up for your 2017 CONEXPO free Sigalarm demo here.

Waterproof Power Line Warning Device

Sigalarms Waterproof Power Line Warning Device

 Waterproof Power Line Warning Device

Sigalarm Continues to Innovate With New Waterproof Power Line Warning Device Control Modules.

As the industry leader in high voltage proximity alarm technology, Sigalarm is constantly improving its products to ensure maximum performance and results for customers. With various models of the High Voltage Waterproof Power Line Warning Device, it is no secret that innovation is at the core of what the company strives for. However, with new technology comes new challenges, and Sigalarm has maintained its ability to look beyond the present; they continue to design products that supply the evolving market for high-quality proximity warning systems. The firm’s newest product, the Wireless Power Line Warning Device, has garnered attention and recognition from industry professionals around the country.

Sigalarm has announced the new Gen (4) IP rated wireless proximity alarm will be available 2nd quarter of 2017. The Gen (4) boasts a new waterproof control module. With an IP67 rating, comparable to the LifeProof iPhone case, the Wireless Power Line Warning Device will meet the same high performance standards of all other Sigalarm products. The device also offers a new waterproof enclosure that is sure to exceed the expectations of customers. This waterproof control module expands installation options for customers and elevates the capabilities of the Wireless Power Line Warning Device. Customers can also expect to see the signature black and orange design, which instills confidence in those who have long trusted and relied on the company’s products.

Additional features of the new Waterproof Power Line Warning Device include:

  • 12/24 volt operation
  • Range control warning
  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Wireless E-field detection
  • Encroachment prevention
  • 5.7 capacitive touch screen
  • Relay outputs for warning and alarm
  • Wireless solar powered sensors
  • Optional portability kit

Proven Quality & Performance

Thousands of customers have experienced Sigalarm’s top-rated products for more than 40 years. From High Voltage Power Line Warning Devices and Hirtzer Insulated Links, to the new Wireless Power Line Warning Device, the brand has continued to outperform competitors as an industry leader. Although Sigalarm offers a complete range of power line warning products, their addition of the new Wireless Power Line Warning Device comes at a time when the industry has been lacking a viable solution for a common challenge. With customer safety a top priority, the introduction of the wireless device and its new waterproof control module is a definite game-changer.

The new waterproof control module is a prime example of the company’s commitment to not only innovation, but also to the safety of their customers. Staying true to its motto, “We’re in the business of saving lives,” Sigalarm prides itself on producing the highest quality products to meet increasing power line safety needs. Its ability to maintain standing as an industry leader is evident in the resources dedicated to research and development. The features of the new Wireless Power Line Warning Device demonstrate the extent to which the company is willing to go for its customers.

Taking Orders at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

The new Wireless Power Line Warning Device, with its new waterproof control module, will be available after the second quarter of 2017. Among other industry leaders and experts, Sigalarm will be displaying will be offering demos of the new product so that customers can experience it first-hand. Register for a demo at Conexpo-CON/AGG 2017, and visit the Sigalarm booth S­63450. A translator can be available for Spanish and Mandarin.